vs vs opendns vs ???, what do I set this router to

embr πŸ‰

wtb a DNS resolver that is *not* hosted in the US

@sara very tempting, how would I go about that? I'm guessing I need to feed bind/dnsmasq a list of root servers somehow?

@embr that's a bit beyond my knowledge but if you do some research into it please let me know!

@sara @embr Dnsmasq can't recursively resolve DNS requests itself. It only forwards requests to recursive DNS servers. You would need to set up a DNS server running something like Unbound and have Dnsmasq forward requests to that.

Personally, I use and but I trust that Google doesn't datamine the queries nor inject adware or anything like that.

@embr @sara This actually caused me to named=YES on my NetBSD RPi3 and now I have such FAST DNS :D
;; Query time: 2 msec

@embr (wow I didn't actually check their page for a long time and didn't see they were into crypto bullshit :/ sry)

@embr You could try one of the OpenNIC resolvers, which also get you access to their alternative TLDs in addition to the regular internet
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