Google Cloud is.. such a weird thing

You dig through the toolbox, and all of the bits are by and large well crafted, beautiful tools.

And then you go looking for the one you want and... it's completely missing. It's just not there

As an example: Distributed logs (Apache Kafka-esque) are a core component of lots of system designs.

Amazon SQS can give you one. It feels slightly bolted onto the side, but its there.

GCP just doesn't have one. You probably end up deploying & managing Kafka or something

Alyssa :queerdotaflesbian:

@erincandescent it’s interesting you mention that, a team I used to work on just used PubSub going into BigQuery using an App Engine Standard app at the ingest of both PubSub and BigQuery.

For the same reason, there wasn’t a Kafka / AWS Kinesis there. Lost logs are an issue sometimes...

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