this episode of adventure time has someone saying "first suit" but it definitely does not sound like that out of context

gdi what is even the point of subtitles if you're just gonna write "[ Speaking Korean ]" on any of lady rainicorn's lines

this is weekend three of being mad about subtitles

Alyssa :queerdotaflesbian:

@iliana There is so much to be mad about with subtitles and captions. I write software at work that includes captions to the videos.
We have to do it like 4 different ways so all the different platforms can do it. And some platforms (who won’t be named) only support ASCII encoding for captions and subtitles. Like what?
Also how captions are normally done, some third party with a human watching the content and writing out the captions is super slow and a problem when they don’t know the language.

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