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Hi! I'm Tina (aka Xander), and I'm an aspiring game developer working on several projects with my girlfriend, Dana. If you want to see our work or support us, check out my Patreon!

Bucky the Sheep is waiting patiently for their flight

apparently theres a variation of mori girl fashion called dark mori and it literally what an actual witch would wear

[sound of someone rapidly changing classes/jobs in FFXIV intensifies]

I decided to keep working on it tonight and added those speed curves. Even with that one little change it already looks so much better!

Today's stream results: Here's an early look at Miracle Drill's melee combos!

Of course, the animations and timing need work, and I also plan to put a curve on the movement speed to get that "punchy" effect, but hopefully you can see what I'm going for here.

Been experimenting with making Miracle Fire's flamethrower out of particles to make it easier to control the firing rate and physics.

I can't get the particles to trigger damage though, so here's Sniper Joe just getting owned instead.

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coming to mastodon for the first time in forever to say holy fuck tumblr

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