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Hi! I'm Tina (aka Xander), and I'm an aspiring game developer working on several projects with my girlfriend, Dana. If you want to see our work or support us, check out my Patreon!

I wanna get back into RuneScape (either version) but I don't like playing games at my desk anymore and i don't have a laptop. The phone version is great for skilling but I wouldn't play seriously on it.

it's probably recent followers changing their mind, bots and deactivations. that's usually why the count fluctuates anyway.

hey quick question are people talking about me behind my back? lost a bunch of twitter followers in a really short time

beep boop new video! it's my first thoughts on bloodstained ritual of the night

to summarise: hell yeah this game rules

Also in said dream the PC version supported the N64 Controller with the Controller Pak and even the Transfer Pak, which they straight up say lets you rip GBC games. You can't just put that in your game!

I had a dream that they made a HD remake of Titanfall, only it wasn't actually Titanfall, it was an N64 game, a naval combat game that resembled Blood Wake for the original Xbox. But the dream called it Titanfall.

Hey, if you enjoyed Secret Little Haven, it's help a lot if you left a review on Steam for it! Thanks a bunch for all of you that already left reviews~! <3

apparently theres a variation of mori girl fashion called dark mori and it literally what an actual witch would wear

[sound of someone rapidly changing classes/jobs in FFXIV intensifies]

I decided to keep working on it tonight and added those speed curves. Even with that one little change it already looks so much better!

Today's stream results: Here's an early look at Miracle Drill's melee combos!

Of course, the animations and timing need work, and I also plan to put a curve on the movement speed to get that "punchy" effect, but hopefully you can see what I'm going for here.

Been experimenting with making Miracle Fire's flamethrower out of particles to make it easier to control the firing rate and physics.

I can't get the particles to trigger damage though, so here's Sniper Joe just getting owned instead.

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