Also, as a consequence of the upgrade we have the "non-advanced" web UI available now if you prefer it

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OK folks, we're back.

Sorry for the outage, SSL certificates failing at midnight is less than ideal. On the plus side, we're now on new (and maintainable!) hardware and an up-to-date install, so at least some good came out of the bad.

Since its perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of instance moderation, I thought it might be worthwhile to discuss how we handle remote user and instance blocks queer at

Firstly, we mostly act reactively. We aren't out trawling through the fediverse looking for the poop; we mostly rely on either seeing it in the federated timeline or reports from users.

announcement: has 69 users now!

We also now federate with, a queer-ass safe space that uses a referral system (you need an invite from an existing member to join) to keep bad people out :janilight:

go say awoo to them and their admin @embr!

Any users who were experiencing issues with push notifications, they should be fixed now!

Also, sorry to everyone who just got a push notification storm!

hello friends!
the past few days have been a little rocky, but we're working on a change review process, and in general working on our process and policies for running this instance and its infrastructure
we're encountering some growing pains, but we're fleshing these things out because we're intending to be here for the long run ^_^

If you hate the UI, like I do, you can turn it off:

Coming soon to more client themes!!
I'm going to be making themes based off of each of the major pride flags!
Make represent you!

Database maintenance seems to have gone alright, and we're on a high-availability setup now, so this should become less of a thing in the future ^_^

hello friends!
we're reviewing our registration policy, so we're turning off invites for the moment, including expiring all existing invitation links.
we'll follow up with more news tonight., your cosy queer space is a mastodon instance for those who are queer or queer-adjacent who would like a more pleasant social media experience.