OH: "I don't know whether that's an Italian or a woman, could be either"

finally decided to buy a ticket for MCH :3

selfie, ec, drug reference 

wonder when my employer will catch onto the fact "Molly" is my middle name for a reason

I'm playing a Tiefling who magically lost her sense of fashion in @minkekatze's campaign and while designing the character I accidentally made the D&D equivalent of a Berliner

insects implied 

alerting the people at @metalab to the current infestation

es hat sich schön ergeben, dass a zeitl schon jeden mittwoch abend österreichische gebärdensprache abend im @metalab ist. mittlerweile kommen auch gehörlose menschen dazu. exciting. also sag ich jetzt offiziell: anyone who is interested into learning some signs, feel free to join. #ÖGS

selfie, ec 

new gender just dropped: fuccboj(♀️, 1980s)

implied hornt, selfie, ec 

POV: software engineer joins your business meeting

if all you have is an MBA, everything looks like a meeting

drugs adj, work 

coworker: "Hey, Nicole, does 420 make sense for us?"
me: "???"
coworker: "as a status code in our API I mean.."

me, until today: cities should be designed for pedestrians first, with large public transport networks

me, today, after having bought an e-scooter: bike paths everywhere, whoooooosh~

Google dystopia 

Muslim employees at Google: *observe Ramadan*
Google HR: "let's all join in on the GooGLe FasTAthON!"

can't make this shit up

corporate dystopia 

I did something my coworkers liked and they gave me Microsoft® Praise™

interaction I just witnessed at work:

dev1(assertively): "SO, SHOULD I MERGE YOUR BRANCH?"
dev2(quivering): "y-yes please.. if everything is in order.. 🥺"

selfie, ec 

aesthetic of the day: "Haha, Business!"

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