Oh okay, turns out I just needed "xinput set-button-map", not a full Xorg.conf. That's a relief.

It's the year 2019 and I'm having to write an Xorg.conf to make a laptop's touchpad behave correctly...

Hmph, I hope changing my name with my domain registrars isn't going to require jumping through too many hoops.

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I misspelled "demons" as "daemons". This definitely says something about me but I'm not sure I want to contemplate what exactly.

Today's challenge: determining whether "cheers, mate" is a judgement of your gender presentation or just someone saying thanks.

It would not surprise me if the backend for this site has some utterly terrifying method of checking whether an email address looks valid or not which includes checking the text after the last period in the string against a whitelist of expected extensions.

Either way, please note the table behind me, and its currently flipped state.


As far as I can tell, either the registration page doesn't like my email address because I tried to set it to ehiccard@<domain> (I have a wildcard recipient set up for the domain) and their system doesn't like the user part, or they don't like the fact that the domain part didn't have a """normal"""-looking extension like .com or .uk (and is instead a considerably younger gTLD).


I'm travelling outside of the UK in the next couple of months, so I've been advised to get an EHIC card, so if I break a leg it doesn't cost me the other one to pay for getting the first fixed.

So I go to the online portal, and attempt to create an account on the registration page...


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As a corollary to this, a few nights ago a friend put my hair into pleats, and I had to put quite a bit of effort into not falling asleep. Very calming.

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I got a haircut done today (first time in over a year), which involved the full nine yards wash-and-shampoo of my hair as a prerequisite.

The hairdresser therefore spent some time scrubbing and kneading away at my head and hair, which, to my surprise, was quite pleasant stimulation.

"Oh, hmm, I think I'll get one of those pies for dinner."

"Oh wait. That's an Aldi thing. This is a Lidl."

Last summer I did the regular food shopping in an Aldi down the road from where I was living at the time. Now, this summer, I'm living across the road from a Lidl. The two are similar but not the same, and it has frequently caught me off guard when I've been idly wandering around looking for something.

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Nonspecific subtoot about events elsewhere, transphobia (ish) Show more

Nonspecific subtoot about events elsewhere, transphobia (ish) Show more

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I must be doing something right -- I've been gendered correctly when travelling on trains twice in two days...

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