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"one instruction computer"


The phrase "top notch" derives from the design of the modern iPhone, indicative a high-quality product.

Instead of 'NEET', prefer using the phrase 'pandemic-resistant lifestyle'.

Rubber ducking except against GPT-3

Remember when Linux isos were a mere 680MB.

"Macrophages go wherever the heck they want"

"Why don't you tweet about your job?"
a. Patient confidentiality
b. I do not tweet anything that could be misconstrued as medical advice
c. Why would I spend my free time thinking about my job

Weird FP features that I sometimes want:
- Round-to-odd rounding mode
- Optional one bit of extended precision
- Per-instruction rounding mode selection or at least fast switching between modes

Wouldn't to be nice to only have to support x64 as a tier 2 platform someday.

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The boundaries are the most interesting parts of a system.

Quantum computing is the (literal) future.

Branch on result of next instruction.

If something was once fine and has become fine again, could you say it's refined?

"I've never claimed to know what I'm doing. I just know what I'm trying to do." – <>

A series of tutorials where you render cubes with progressively more complex shaders.

Also spheres.

💭 drawabox except for computer graphics

Wrote a little entry on implementing CRC32 using pclmulqdq on x86:

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