crysis was set in august 2020 wasn't it

Your thoughts are not a Coq session.

Do you ever think about how you contain enough iron to make 3 paperclips

It feels like there's a much greater abundance of acceptable laptops now compared to a few years ago.

Fuschia Sirois, Timothy Pychyl. Procrastination and the Priority of Short‐Term Mood Regulation: Consequences for Future Self

Doing Unto Future Selves As You Would Do Unto Others: Psychological Distance and Decision Making

Prior Day Negative Affect Influences Current Day Procrastination: A Lagged Daily Diary Analysis

I wonder if GPT-3 has gotten any better at playing chess.

Instead of playing "the floor is lava", consider "the sky is NaN".

Kay-Cee-L is such a name for a drug

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