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📌 hi.

i’m mary. doctor-in-training by day, low-level developer by night. i love taking things apart and putting them together again, whether mechanical or biological.

in my free time i have mainly been doing emulator stuff recently, see:

in my free time i do music. primarily a piano player, learning the flute. occasionally tinkers with electronica.

i hope to make friends! DMs are open.

Let's say you're interested in antagonising IP3R1 receptors for some reason.

Tada, xestospongin C is a candidate.

My medical school took the very laid-back approach to education aka the 'here's a selection textbooks and a stack of papers, go read' approach, a rather extreme form of PBL.

imo my fundamentals are a bit shaky thanks to that

Sorry to be redundant, but here's a new version that cycles through *all eleven* Laves tilings. No biggie, just something I thought for nearly twenty years was impossible. *mic drop*

If I want a web-based pdf library (preferably with bookmarks and such), what would people recommend?

Time of initiation of levodopa has no disease modifying effect in Parkinson's (Jan 2019)

Living with a hobby

time for a little buntroversy


NOACs may not be as nephropathic as Wafarin (Feb 2019)

The above paper has the caveat that the studies selected were not explicitly for reporting of renal outcomes.

winter florist witch❄️🌷


wait for a surprise 💟

ʰᵒᵖ ʰᵒᵖ

The most effective way to learn is by devoting oneself to a single subject for months at a time. Its opposite is school

You understand another language not when you can translate it, but when you no longer have to.


ohhhhhhh, it's just layers and layers and layers and folds and folds and folds

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