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I'm Mary. Medical doctor by day, low-level developer by night. I enjoy taking both mechanical or biological things apart and putting them back together again.

My recent major public projects mainly concern console emulation, see:

Other interests:
- Radiophysics, Radiology, Radiotherapy, and associated fields
- Audio and DSP
- Compilers, JITs and type systems

DMs open!

AirTags being trackable by multiple different iCloud accounts would be a nice feature

CSS (noun, acronym): Computer science surgeon. Specialises in minor surgical procedures for software engineers including binary removal, treatment of magic smoke exposure, and cat ear implantation.

idk where the recent trend for papers to be written obscurely comes from.

Reading papers from the 60s-70s or earlier is a pleasure because they're so plainly written.

Close enough to strings-as-template-arguments as it's gonna get I think:

Today in missing llvm optimizations: Half of these ubfxs are mergeable but it doesn't.

Audible's iOS apps are unfortunately really buggy.

recently stumbled across the ARM7EJ-S which is a v5TEJ processor of course, just to confuse things further

How I used undefined behaviour to prove P = NP (1/1934) /s

moon bunnies are just built different

Thinking of buying a jewelery box to store resistors and other small components

tbh I don't really play video games

if you aren't writing a compiler are you really having fun

y'know we could make this whole living-in-individual-pods thing work if we tried hard enough

Antibiotic associated encephalopathy
(Perhaps consider antibiotic use as part of your differential for delirium)

Turns out my fallback check was essentially if (true)

I enjoy being 100% sure this code is wrong but it passing all the tests anyway.

Enjoy how I'm actively trying to give a company money and they're making it terribly difficult for me to do so.

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