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📌 2022 pin update!

I'm Mary. Medical doctor by day, low-level developer by night. I enjoy taking both mechanical or biological things apart and putting them back together again.

- Emulation, software and hardware preservation
- Compilers, JITs, type systems
- DSP, Radiophysics, Radiotherapy, and associated fields

DMs open.


The principle of success through leaky abstractions

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tbqh I do like the plumbing myself and do enjoy it being exposed so I'm probably the worst person to critique it

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Perhaps git has such bad procelain because the plumbing is just too beautiful, such that one is compelled to expose it.

anyway i needed IEMs becuase i don't really have wired earphones

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I've taken to using exclusively fountain pens just so people don't steal them at work

Like I understand _why_ string concatenation uses the * operator in Julia but that doesn't mean I won't forget every single time.

'i hate learning languages,' she says as she tries picking up another one

(I say this as someone who strongly dislikes the infiltration of web technology on the native desktop.)

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There is some software I interact with on a day to day basis where I think the UX could be genuinely improved by moving to Electron or a similar platform.

One should not take 5+ seconds to reflow a UI and pop up a notification banner in an application.

this working might be pretty neat (no this is not a serious feature request)

The thing I enjoy the most is education but I think my current scale of doing this on an individual basis while extremely fulfilling is quite inefficient.

I actually quite like Atkinson Hyperlegible as a font

I enjoy that the data we have on underground infrastructure is “there is a pipe vaguely over here”.

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your polycule gets at most 2 of 3:

· consistency
· availability
· partition-tolerance

I'm probably never going to get into the habit of doing universal initialization everywhere anytime soon without a linter.

Y'know as the years go on the more I'm willing to pay for quality.

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