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📌 hi.

i’m mary. doctor-in-training by day, low-level developer by night. i love taking things apart and putting them together again, whether mechanical or biological.

in my free time i have mainly been doing emulator stuff recently, see:

in my free time i do music. primarily a piano player, learning the flute. occasionally tinkers with electronica.

i hope to make friends! DMs are open.

From an isekai perspective, a good portion of my clinical knowledge isn't actually that helpful in such a scenario.

If you punch a goroutine, it will stop.

I don't like talking about work much, because I would rather not in my down-time.

I'd rather not talk about software/RE despite it being a hobby because of the noise it generates.

I haven't played a musical instrument in years.

Really I'm just filled with trashy light novels.

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Sarada: mom, who was your first kiss? (I bet it was dad! :D)

Sakura: Naruto

Sarada: ok.....well dad, your first kiss was mom right?

Sasuke: no it was also Naruto

There is a /very/ big delta between what you learn in textbooks and what you encounter on the wards.

'Full Immersion Virtual Reality' or "FEVER" for short, as in, having a fever dream

Why does a 9am to 10pm shift feel worse than a 7:30am to 8:30pm one does when they’re both 13 hours.

My radiator sounds like a disc drive

That feel when you catch a glimpse of blond in the corner of your eye and you turn around expectantly towards Mari- Oh. It’s just Yukari.

Job description: I debug human biology with a scalpel.

Procrastinating from procrastination

Using a superconductor as an insulating material.

I know of at least one Apple Server in this hospital, and it seems that its only purpose is to serve a PDF on guidelines for interpreting NT-proBNP.

1pm (ACNL)!!
If you listen carefully it sounds like 7th chords with a missing fifth. Very dreamyyy

idk why people assume horseriding is a boy thing, because 100% of people I know who own a horse are girls

As I walked through the streets, I stopped and asked the locals how far was it to the city. Each time they replied, “just a stone’s throw away.” After a while I began to wonder just how talented these stone-throwers in this country were.

it is 2020!! good bouncy happy year!

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