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Websites regularly crack down on legit producers of erotic content but don't crack down on spam bots. To give you a sense of their priorities

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*youth pastor voice* halloween is great but there's no spookier ghost than the holy spirit

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My GP: Your oestrogen levels are very high, I think we should monitor this

Me: I guess you could say 😎

GP: don’t do this

Me: that I am 😎

GP: why are you like this

Me: very high femme 👉😎👉👌😂🍆💦😂🤣😂

‪Who called it Dorking and not New Dork City‬

If you don’t then you dont
love me at my deserve me at my

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@slackz Organising on Facebook is handing a nicely formatted list of all activists, all their contacts, friends and family, their 24/7 location data, browsing history, and a list of how to manipulate them to the authorities.

It doesn't matter how many people are there, it's not worth it.

If people truly care about an issue they'll go to the extreme inconvenience of typing a different URL into their browser to visit a safer site with less surveillance built in.

‪I wanted to go to gym today(?) but instead I’m going straight to bed because of the cold I caught (??) and I’m sad about it (???)‬

‪What kind of person I became.‬

@julie_plz I’m not policing anyone’s behaviour, do what you must to survive.

All I’m saying is if I did cut him out of my life at that time, I would loose an important person, a family and a friend.

I was willing to do some groundwork and I’m glad I did, but no one has such obligation.

When folks ban ppl on social media, cancel friendships or require compliance with the latest wokeness, I think about my brother who used to say that gay ppl are gross, trans ppl deserve to die and today he supports non binary genders and gets excited over gender neutral bathrooms.

4 years ago he used to say that I make him puke by existing, today he is attending pride parades, as a cis het white dude and is happy to learn about LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 issues in general.

People can change.

‪Late night selfie, but OMG look at that fucking lighting 😱💖👌

I just caught the train in the last second.

I ran in heels for like 5 minutes to get there.

And some creepy dude told me that:
- a young lady like me shouldn’t run
- huff and puff so loudly
- and should not run in those shoes

Can you believe the
of this bitch

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Ultimate proof that I do get outside of my comfort zone sometimes and do wear something cute and wholesome every second full moon.

‪I’m suuuuuuper happy how my Halloween costume is coming along ❤️w❤️ ‬
‪it’s looking v promising and sooooo gooood 😫👌✨‬

‪(Please don’t ask me what it is! I’ll show y’all when it’s ready and completed! :3333)‬

‪Huh, seems like I’m a playable character in Valkyria Chronicles 4?!?!?‬

‪Today’s first month of regular gym at least twice a week!‬

‪During that time:‬
‪- I lost over 2 kgs!‬
‪- lift 1,5x more, across all exercises‬
‪- I sleep better and breathe better‬
‪- feel less tired‬
‪- wear my belt one hole tighter :3‬

‪tl;dr - I love consciously taking care of my body💕💪💕‬

I’m doing daily exercises to increase my STAND power.

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