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According to the Alpha Gay of my Free Company, I am an :xivtr1: honorary lesbian :xivtr2: so...

more PSO2 NGS 

I do lowkey miss the overall structure of classic. AKA you're on a huge colony ship (which explains the server naming convention) and are beamed down to different planets for missions.

In classic, you're just... stuck on this one planet. At least for now. Maybe at some point they let you travel to other planets but for now, despite being open world, it feels a lot narrower in scope.

Also boy I wish being able to make 1 mil+ meseta a week in classic from gathering things.


So been playing PSO2 NGS for a week or so now with my partner and... I dunno. We played classic last year when we both needed a break from FFXIV and NGS is just... so nice and feels really good to play but progression feels a bit... slow right now.

Maybe because it's really pushing you to progress through story compared to how Classic just kinda... throws you in. There's story for sure in classic but you could kinda just... ignore it and do missions

one day mangadex will be back at full capacity......

one day

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cishet, neopronouns 

Just remembered neopronouns are a thing. My gut reaction was admittedly "why" but as a relatively cishet guy (sometimes heteroflexible feels more accurate), just because I think he/she/they are a perfectly good set of pronouns doesn't mean everyone does.

And to a degree (and I could be wrong), pronouns feel like an extension of names. Which is to say people have a right to be referred to how they want, whether you're referring to them by name or pronoun.

Y'all valid.

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Some things are hard to understand because they're complicated, but when it comes to finance - and finance crimes - we enter the real of things that are complicated so they'll be hard to understand.

The Propublica Secret IRS Files leaks reveal the wealthy pay infinitesimal amounts of tax and the ultra-rich often pay no tax at all.

Propublica is careful to note that all of this is legal - that it's how the system is supposed to work.


It doesn't help that mastodon feels like a very cyberpunk SNS.

In the "people are tired of corp controlled SNS and people in the fringes have moved to hosting their own networks" sense.

late night thoughts about running a shadowrun inspired instance but

that would be so much work and I'm already spread thin enough as is just existing

but man it would be so cool for there to be like, an in-character mastodon instance or something. Even ooc would be cool--

Agents of Shield spoilers 

So I've been watching Agents of Shield with my partner a lot lately and just got to season 6 and wow, it's a lot.

I really don't know how to feel because I do love the characters (especially Fitz) but the stakes and scope keep getting raised and I don't know how to feel about it.

Shield, as an organization just keeps getting redefined each season and it's... tiring.

so I live in a neighborhood that's slightly ghetto so every now and then I get to play the "gunshot or firework" game but it's been happening a lot recently and like

It isn't july 4th yet. Cease.

taking a trip down memory lane with my partner and it's still so wild and surreal that we, technically speaking, met because of gargron

and it wasn't through mastodon. It was way before.

It's really weird how shit works out.

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ukpol, ACAB, how to "breach the peace" with a bag 

"Pink Peacock hasn’t even opened its doors and is already ruffling blue feathers.

On Monday at around 1.30pm, Morgan Holleb and Joe Isaac – founders of the Glasgow-based queer Yiddish anarchist pay-what-you-can café – were tucking into lunch and an episode of Star Trek when they received a visit from the police. The officers told the pair they were suspected of breaching the peace – for displaying a 'fuck the police' tote bag in their shop window."

"Holleb only realised he’d been charged with a crime after seeing a story in the Glasgow Times."

"On Wednesday, the Scottish Sun published a hit piece on the 'anarchy diner', saying it had 'sparked fury by banning cops and ‘terfs’' The following night, a man painted over the shop front, which also had its window smashed on 27 May, though it is unclear whether the attack was targeted."

The outcome, as tweeted by the owners:

"last night an avid sun reader painted over our window, but was stopped by some lovely comrades who caught him on camera and 'took his paint off him and wacked him with his own roller'"

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The biggest news story of the moment Propublica's reporting on the Secret IRS Files, a trove of leaked tax data on the wealthiest people in America that show that they pay effectively no tax, through perfectly legal means.


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Urrrgh becoming obsessed with this modern supernatural gothic horror witch fantasy comic thing I've been rewriting the lore for #mastoart #witches

>opens video
"Why can't I hear anything?"
>realize the earphones I'm wearing are connected to my phone, and not to my computer

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