@minty_da I just saw this and immediately thought "this is dee's brand"

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square enix: "we need to be careful with emote design because there's a problem with people taking suggestive screenshots of the game by pausing animations"

also square enix: literally add poledancing NPCs in shadowbringers

update: @kitsu pointed out that she goes even FURTHER with her line if you talk to her but then choose not to play the game at all

but if she loses, she has a few very horny-on-main lines, and even the prompt changes

oh my goodness

if she wins her little minigame she's fairly tame with her dialogue and prompt

I can't for the life of me find the original source, but, still mood

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content warning: [literally tells me an image is gonna be a dick]

me, clicking through and then seeing a dick:

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