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📌 I have a side account now, for stuff that's too lewd/weird/kink for this account:


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reminder: accurately sized friend

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Use the Duty Finder to confront Your Own Ass in the Desert

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• Genderfluid
• Gender superfluid
• Gender ferrofluid
• Gender non-Newtonian fluid
• Gender supercritical fluid
• Genderfluidised bed
• Genderliquid
• Genderpyroclastic flow
• Gender quark-gluon plasma
• Gendergas
• Genderviscoelastic
• Gendercolloidal suspension
• Genderslurry

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you're reading that right - computer levels are at 99%

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

sudo apt-get pupdate
sudo apt-get pupgrade

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rust programming trash post Show more

y'all ever just

never learn to drive even if it'd be useful to be able to, because you can't quite overcome the idea that several tons of metal could make any of your little mistakes lethal for you or someone else

me: i've never been gay in my life

tahani thegoodplace: [wears that one suit in season 2]


the unwieldy wording on the cw there is because "goofy kink ref" would have some very different implications

goofy reference to kink Show more

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last boost: the order of application of joperators (jeans operators)

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though honestly I do have to respect the choice to go for those masks with the rest of the look

square enix: "we need to be careful with emote design because there's a problem with people taking suggestive screenshots of the game by pausing animations"

also square enix: literally add poledancing NPCs in shadowbringers

update: @kitsu pointed out that she goes even FURTHER with her line if you talk to her but then choose not to play the game at all

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