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📌 I have a side account now, for stuff that's too lewd/weird/kink for this account:


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"you're as old as you feel"

*several joints pop* fuck I'm like 80

hey so if I want to figure out if I like GY!BE, where would any of y'all recommend I start?

(I haven't generally had the best introduction to anyone by just diving into random samples of their work, unless I ended up loving *all* of it [which is rare], so I'd rather have a more curated introduction)

I just heard someone shorten Apex Legends to "ape legs" and I'm not sure how to feel

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*slaps roof of the great outdoors* this bad boy can fit so many cows in it

hello yes I'm the Tetris Opinion Haver

(re the 3ds, the problem was that the design rightly prioritized the circle pad, which was by far the more used input in fast-paced games, but for most models that meant a d-pad-heavy fast paced game like Tetris just felt... off.)

I'm also glad to find that, as I suspected, the Joy-Con layout is absolutely fine for Tetris. I thought it ought to be, but was definitely worried considering the 3DS had exactly one model (the new XL) that was particularly comfortable to play with the d-pad

the physical weight of the device is less than ideal for extended play, but the last-one-standing nature of T99 naturally puts a cap on the session length so, it's all good

I'm supposed to be sleeping and instead I just wanna keep chasing that top spot

that tetris flow state thing is basically my drug and when I'm actually (feeling like I'm) good at something I get *real* competitive


oh no tetris 99 is exactly my shit

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To be a SysAdmin all you gotta do is this:

- Read the documentation
- Yell "FUCK" at computer
- Copy and paste

I've been doing this for over three years trust me.

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Hello #gamers!

Have you heard of this cool new skill called "cooking"? It's like crafting food but in IRL! Radical!

Smell ya later!

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