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Nice thing about rain is that it gives you a great excuse to put on something fun to wear at work.

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Love how comfortable I am right now.

Turned out it was on historical best sale so picked it up.

I'm thinking of picking up the pony fighter if it goes on sale.

and my trackball just broke. Unfortunately not many options left for wired trackballs.

The fears I currently have:

My hairline is horrible. Up top I'm fine, but I have some bad receding, and it's weirdly shaped too. I look like a Mishima.

Also, the way aviation is being savaged, there's a real chance despite my job being in the public interest, and despite funding probably not being cut, I got a feeling we'll be deemed redundant in 3 years, and I'll have no practical skills worth anything.

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Well, will be walking out of work in a feminine sweatsuit this morning. It didn't warm up enough.

I wish I could wear comfy sweats the rest of my life.

Got a headache from lack of sleep. Will be able to go to bed in an hour.

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I enjoy really tiny shorts too much. I can't wear in public, but just feel nice to wear.

I also think I saw a wolf on the way to work tonight.

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Just saw we might be setting the record for latest spring freeze ever here this weekend. Crazy.

Curious, does anyone know someone who medically transitions but doesn't do is socially? Curious how that works.

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