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@takaeri EVO is dead now and it only took like two days.

@ky0ko Ah, the netplay on Smash is really bad.

Dolphin's trying some improved netcode. Don't know how well it works yet.

@AmyZenunim bakarina is awesome and a series I'm not surprised you like a lot!

@esvrld also it makes things better for the next generation, as the norms of the past do not become normalized. You don't "cancel" bad behavior for the present, you do it for the future.

Never thought I"d wear sweats in June.

So much going on these days, so I haven't said too much. Don't want to suck the oxygen out of more important things.

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looks like we can include FTR in the good people in pro wrestling club.

@ghost_bird just wish this wouldn't get weird looks. Think my taste in clothing is just extremely weird.

NIce to be comfy after a long week. No guy clothes is nice.

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We're still treating electoral politics and direct action like opposites, like a binary we can (or should) only have one of.

When we realize that both have strengths the other doesn't, both have a role to play in liberation, both can be done by the same people, we're gonna get so much more done. It's gonna be awesome.

Fully convinced all my co-workers are irredeemable, with one possible exception- at this point.

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