Tempted to just get a several hundred dollar order of jumpsuits and onesies next month.

Parents definitely noticed something was up with me last night. Scary, especially given how indoctrinated they are.

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I need to make it abundantly clear for everyone I see being accelerationist.

I WILL die if Trump stays in office

This isn't a threat. This is a reality due to my health conditions.

You need to face this and acknowledge that saying that Trump is the best for the revolution because it will destroy the DNC and force revolution early, you are saying that you want me to die.

If you want change asap, why don't you go volunteer instead for a cause you care about.

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i understand if you wanna block/mute whoever you want but consider telling the person what they're doing wrong especially if they're nd like. it can be super othering and sometimes us nds dont know if we're doing anything wrong and aren't looking to hurt anyone

Curious- what are good career options for someone trans if they need to start over late in life?

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my appetite seems to have shrunk. A negative side effect.

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Feeling overwhelmed with everything I'm going to have to do at some point, with the realization it might not work. It's scary.

My temper seems to be reduced, but not entirely gone by any stretch.

face laser + face mask= not the most pleasant combo.

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so nervous today that they thought I had hypertension, but I'm officially on the path now.

Well, shaved everything in preparation for scary day today.

@AmyZenunim Saw much like Slay the Spire, One Step from Eden had a Marisa mod.

I'm scared of doing the work I'd need to do in order to look good.

Part of me wonders if I'd even be capable of it.

Wow, rabid fox attack where I live as well, in addition to the lost penguin. Did we trigger Nanami's curse here lately in addition to it being 2020?

4-day weekend going to end in biggest decision of my life. Stressful.

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