I have to work tonight anyways (and that's exempt from curfew) so no big inconvenience for me.

well, wont be able to run tonight- they put in a dusk to dawn curfew here due to protests.

The good news is that I've lost enough weight that I don't think exercise is as high a priority now.

One of those days where you should be doing something, but so you want to stay in what you're wearing that you don't do it.

bail funds for North Carolina folks.

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Power returned at my house a short while ago- so I'll be able to do what I normally do on Fridays.

looking at a 14+ hour power outage now.

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I'm still kinda concerned my parents will see the cuts on my leg from two weeks ago when I tried to shave and comment. If I wear pants they'll suspect something is up too because they know i hate pants.

Definitely need to order 2-3 more of those soon , and see if folks care/notice.

Of course, I really need to do the steps that are irreversible soon.

Found something I wanted today. A feminine t-shirt that can pass as guy clothes, is comfortable, and fits.

I wish my life was just pick a perfetly-fitted jumpsuit to wear, live life how I want, no one cares what I am.

I think one of the imapcts of quarantine is not dining in changed my eating habits to dinner at 9am and lunch at 11:30pm. This has worked for me. (Bedtime is 4pm on average)

I really wish I understand the computer stuff more so i could interact more with some of the great people here.

If programmer socks had magic power I'd wear them

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This outfit I'm wearing at work is great for windy, rainy, cold days like today. I'll probably just wear it out

Just wish it wasn't a bit tight on my gut.

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