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Oh, anything I CW, I try to use -, --, +, ++, =

to show how positive/negative it is.

If I use ?, I'm unsure

If I use !, then I consider it important factual information with no opinions involved.

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Oh, should probably pin this just as a head up for folks. Interactions and DMs not just open, but encouraged!

I want to be a chatterbox!

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I try not to talk about politics too much on here. That doesn't mean that my political views are different than others posting here, they're not.

It's just that I really want this space to be a bit more lighthearted personal, and not angry. I have other spots for anger.

That doesn't mean I disagree with the anger shown, I understand entirely why folks are mad, and I'm mad too- I just want to talk about other things here.

I wonder how much straight hair can be curled. I've seen some slightly wavy hair and think that would work well for me!


I really feel like I'm spending money recklessly right now, thinking there's not a future worth saving for.

Some of this is Nessie's influence. Some of this is the social transition floodgates opening. Some was getting a windfall, but I need to discipline myself better.

I wanted to draw vtuber Sara Lene, so here is her making a heart.~
Sara dose video game, development chronicles and charity streams. So be sure to check her out.~ :bunHeart:

Palette is NES NTSC.~ :bunBlanketHappy:

Just placed the last order to finally build enough of a femme wardrobe to live as myself. Expensive 6 weeks. Still need a few things but can do slowly now.


I'm not going to explode from scoring too high. Endo even started her new script early so it would be on time 3 days before appointment.

She's awesome.

hrt (?) 

Apparently switching to subQ changed my injections from not working at all, to working too well.

E was over 1000
T was below 3

Good news: I'll prob be yeeted from spiro. I'll prob have a cut dose, but now I gotta worry if I'm drawing injections out right.

I figure if I'm getting 1000 this way, even if I do it wrong, I'll end up in the right space.

Also ran into a nice waitness who managed to be really nice. Always a plus.

Accordion skirt+ tunic top blouse is one of my fav combos now.

mild blood draw ref 

Femme shorts are a different feeling. Going to endo in a bit, went for shorts+blouse look because I need to give up my arm.

Noticed I get ready in 10-15 minutes with much simpler makeup, takes Nessie a lot longer.

She always insists on being extra. I've learned a lot from her being here, but I don't want to learn that need to always max out makeup.

too many people tell me i'm brave for being trans and not enough people tell me i'm hot for being trans

Nessie seems to know my moods now better than I do.

Today I'm doing a collab stream with my dear friend Saralene as part of the VTuber Summer Slam event, supporting kids' charity Gamers Outreach!

Come join us as we play a bunch of co-op games together!


Something like 70% of the population is in favor of legal abortion.

If you end up on a jury prosecuting an abortion case, this is a good chance to hang the fuck out of it.

If all 70% of us do that, it will be nearly impossible to successfully prosecute any cases.

US Courts, please read if eligible for jury duty 

Take jury duty. Women are going to need jury nullification.

Supreme Court decisions (generally) 


The decisions are so nonsensical and contradictory that it has BROKEN THE BAR EXAM

For those trying to leave the US, I have legally lived in several countries and have a fairly firm understanding of the intricacies of their respective immigration laws. My DMs are always open.

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