thotacon (johnny doe)

the law of mastodon is if you ask people to boost your toot people will boost it no matter how stupid or nonsensical it out of respect for their fellow users boost if you agree

@holopleather What if one want to see a toot that (s)he doesn't agree?

@holopleather just saw this get boosted. I already boosted. Do I un-boost and then re-boost? Just gonna let it lie for now

@holopleather yes but like we're really tired of it..

I get that it's a fun meme for new people, but for us who've been here for a while, we boost fun nonsensical stuff without that added to it!

And I really wish you all would try it.

@holopleather Interesting theory. I tend towards agreement with it in most cases. ;)

@holopleather and so johnny came down from the mountain with ten stone tablets on which they had written The Words of Eugen and they said "retoot your comrades" and thats it but it was in a really big font

Sadly, that hasn't been my experience. Not even when asking for stuff like CWs on spiders b/c arachnophobia is common

@holopleather Nah. I only boost people who send me money. My lavish lifestyle of cart tacos and garage sale books cannot be sustained on good will alone.

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