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might create an alt in here is which is awkward considering I’m gonna have to invite myself

hey so there are actually migration tools now, thanks to my good friend @codl

also, @zac has a downloadable alternative as well!

finally, the fediverse can be truly called federated coz people can move account whenever they need

(imo it wasnt really federated until now)

On a related topic, I'm going to stream the 3D maze screensaver from Windows 95 on Friday with some midis in the background. Don't know if I'm going to use twitch or youtube for it yet, but keep your eyes out for it

She makes sit in the chair so good. She’s always made sit in the chair so good.

This model is by SkaterGators on Twitter btw !


I have now, SERIOUSLY, REALLY migrated to in light of this instance's instability and its owners... kind of ominous message that they might block an instance with a lot of people I like.

So I am now at

Please boost this toot so I can get my... followers back... a g a i n .... :blobsad:

listen: accountability is a slippery slope that could lead to me getting yelled at

me sneaking away to the bathroom at work to toot

can i get boost for tommy wiseau in a cowboy hat

[wakes up in a cold sweat] oh my god tommy wiseau is emo

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