That was one very strange but enjoyable match on TF2.

MVP as Battle Medic, got to 17 kills before they took me down, second highest damage of anyone in the server and still did more healing than damage, so I wasn't totally neglecting giving support to my team.

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I am making a new Gamedev Law, so listen well:

If you're going to call a video a "pre-alpha gameplay trailer"

It has to just be the devs running round miming what's going to happen in the game, making all the noises with their mouths

(sock puppets will be considered on a case-by-case basis)

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Guess I could contact customer support, even without proof of purchase there's an option to reset it to the original email address, which should be my current one.

But that'd take too many spoons, and I first tried logging in like an hour ago, the moment is lost and I'd rather go to bed now I think.


Apparently my Minecraft account was stolen at a few months.

Only way to recover it seems to be via proof of purchase, but I bought it, what 8 years ago? Can't remember payment method and searching my emails is turning up nothing.

Last successful login was 5 months ago and logs include username and uuid, so I know I've got my username/email right, but am not receiving password reset emails.

Search by UUID shows whoever owns the account now changed the name 3 months ago.

Do you like highly questionable loose interpretations of tabletop game mechanics used to produce ludicrous results?

Ever played Pathfinder 1e or D&D 3.5?

Welcome to Caster Level 0 Limited Wishes:

(Disclaimer: am human, tired, may not be 100% accurate)

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Put effort into getting to work earlier so I could leave early, but apparently today is a "wait 50 minutes for any one of the three 'every 7 minutes' buses to appear"

No update on the timetable posts so idk what that's about but RIP my attempts to be punctual I guess?

Despite the Monday holiday it's been a tiring week and I'm way too sleepy and irritable as of late

Cursed Thought: Ratchet & Clank 3 is the spiritual successor to Sonic Underground

No I will not be taking questions at this point in time.

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#actuallyAutistic folks

Who else feels like corporeality, as in having a physical meat body, kinda bites?

I feel like an alien driving around a meat robot, that takes a lot of precise maintenance and I have to do it right. I'd like to be a being of pure energy, or baring that, in a computer or robot that I can move around to different computers/robots if I wanted.

(just boost if you don't consider yourself autistic)

[ ] Yes, it really bites
[ ] Yes but also kinda neat
[ ] Nah it's gross but fine
[ ] it's cool, i likes

Just finished my first playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

No Gods, No Masters.

A fairly satisfying ending, but I'm already looking forward to New Game+ and a different route.

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I'm touched but probably won't be able to do dev on that game, which makes me feel bad...

Also need to put some time aside at some point to fix a few bugs and usability issues in some of my old toy Android apps, but finding the motivation to do development when work burns me out so much is hard.

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