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On the plus side I am precisely the sort of extremely extra, paranoid hoarder of past junk that OBVIOUSLY I have a backup backup pair of glasses.

They still fit, just about, and the lenses are old so stuff is blurry and awkward but I can actually see faces and read large text!

In a heroic effort to actually repair my glasses instead of just relying on tape and ritualistic sacrifice, the folks ended up breaking my backup pair with a much weaker prescription when cannibalising it for arms and screws.

I appreciate the time and frustration spent grappling with impossible joints and freedom-seeking screws but now my main pair are even more wrapped in tape and I no longer have a fallback set.

So I guess I'm shelling out for a new pair pretty soon.

When I woke up this morning and reached for my glasses they immediately fell apart.

I wrapped them in duct tape and they don't quite sit properly but boy that was both a big mood and an omen for how the rest of today ended up going.

At least I've got next week off?

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Anyway, bittersweet nostalgia and losing time to manic unintended art session aside, it's 3:30 am and I need to have energy to be sociable tomorrow.

Would be swell if I can not feel awful and actually break my bad streak lately of bailing on meeting up with people or playing tabletop RPGs of late.

A big thing during the flats stage was that aside from occasionally making something a few shades darker where necessary, I tried to limit myself to just a handful of colours, which led to them the red, yellow, navy being used in places I'd have normally chosen something else

Considering how much I've been struggling to do anything creative lately, am super rusty at this sorta thing and have generally been in a funk lately, I'm really glad I was able to do this even if it needs more polish

Actually started this redesign a while back, wanted to keep the bright saturated colours but distance the elements slightly more away from the Tails/Zero hybrid the character still clearly originates from.

Main stumbling block was the head, I normally do that in a very Sonic style, decided to make the snout more pronounced than usual.

Trying to get the pistol at the hip to look okay was something I eventually just went "eh, good enough" and debated removing entirely.

Originally was just going to leave it at just v1 with the flat colours on everything except the sabre, but noticed it was like 3 am and I wasn't sure when I'd be able to self-motivate myself on this again.

So I did some very rough and fast shading with a big brush, no detailing and put out v2, which could look better if I spent more time with a smaller brush and less extreme burn/dodge values but eh, it's out.

I may have left the furry fandom quite some time ago and both it and my old fursona stir mixed memories in me...

...but how about one more shot at giving my unoriginal character an updated redesign for old time's sake?

Finally got around to finishing my playthrough of Transistor today. Highly recommended.

Early online for me was this odd mix of only being able to access the web at school/library, briefly at home, then rarely borrowing family computer, then painfully browsing on the Wii

I'm not saying my appreciation for simpler websites and geocities-like pages is because I spent my teens before I got a computer again reading fanfics and tediously RPing on forums with keypad/virtual keyboard on a Nokia phone and a games console but that is totally why

Forums for a now-defunct UK-only Nintendo gaming magazine, one particular set of furry forums, fanfiction dot net, YIM, a few MUDs I can't remember too well, some old web comic communities, briefly second life, and plenty more I'd rather not mention...

Younger me was terrible.

If we ignore the "pre 2008" part I think deviant art, furaffinity and co would also be on this?

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Respond to all interrogations as to whether you, your body or your needs are 'real' with a weary sigh that no, they are only shadows of their true forms cast onto this flawed material plane

Today's a tired, wet, emotionally numb "fuck it I'm ordering pizza AND ice cream" kinda day.

(it's not been THAT bad a day I'm just very drained and MH is regressing a tad so comfort food, even if I've been good at avoidingdevouring ice cream tubs when ordering takeout recently)

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