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An actually High Quality video game rip

(I really need to just make separate playlists for SiIvaGunner rips that are good, those where I just like the joke/execution and actual, unironically banging tunes I'd listen to)

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There are basically five kinds of Shadowrun characters
Trenchcoat McEdgestubble
Tactical waifu
Misplaced monk/wizard
Raver furry w/gun
Thinly veiled 80s movie expy

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Got one session left of our ~6 year long Exalted campaign, ended on a pretty big plot twist and after doing a few things to create a happier ending than what our Storyteller originally planned, although there was plenty of near-tears and choking up as we met the reincarnations of friends slain in past battles, ended the lives of worthy opponents and saved the lives of a fair few former enemies.

1 session left, then the epilogue fluff session then... it's over

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Really rusty art-wise, and doubt I'll have the energy to really start on shading, detailing, a proper BG, effects, etc...

...but here, have a quick Delta Rune WIP anyway.

Finally bought myself a Switch + Mario + Zelda for my bday later this month.

I think this is the first big purchase I've made since being employed that's for fun rather than a necessity or for practical purposes.

(I mean, giving everyone a Switch *is* necessary and very practical but YMMV)

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So you know how people "joked" that with each new smash reveal that Nintendo would kill off more of their beloved characters, will the final direct being a bloodbath?

I can't believe every single Nintendo character is dead (and a lot of Capcom, Konami, Namco, Sega, etc too).

New Adventure mode and that vocal rendition of the main theme are hype af

Wait, seriously, they added Chibi Robo and Custom Robo Mii Fighter outfits to Smash Ultimate???

I can't believe Isabelle canonically defeats Dr Wily and fights for everlasting peace

Watching the Direct now, now exactly the most hype final characters they could have announced, but welcome additions all the same.

Spirits looks like an interesting mixup of Event Matches, the sticker/smash run stuff of Brawl/Smash4, and...gacha?

Not so keen on the latter, but the special condition battles seem neat and folks can just ignore Spirit battles to focus on the core game if they want

Wait, the Nintendo Direct happened while I was at work?

Will catch up properly at home but oops, already saw Smash character spoilers

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If anyone wants to listen to the deltarune soundtrack, Toby Fox uploaded it to Bandcamp today

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