Fox Shaped Hug Machine (Erika)

@rnickson IMO any company that shuts down their DRM servers should be legally required to distribute the keys and/or a tool to remove their own DRM

@foxwitch @rnickson Chances are, they wont.

"We have your money, screw loyalty."

@foxwitch @rnickson Server code would be great too. I think this should also apply to game consoles.

@foxwitch @rnickson I like to say that loosing your copyright would be a suitably ironic punishment for using DRM in the first place.

@foxwitch @rnickson Personally if I were in charge companies would also have to decide on whether they want copyright or DRM. Anything DRMed would be considered to have all rights waived (I'd also revoke all DRM anti-circumvention laws).

@foxwitch @rnickson Steam has already said that they will do that if Valve ever goes out of business.

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