Monbiot cautions: “We don’t want natural climate solutions to be used as a substitute for the rapid and comprehensive decarbonization of our economies. The science tells us both are needed.”

“But,” he continues, “what this thrilling field of study shows is that protecting and rewilding the world’s living systems is not just an aesthetically pleasing thing to do. It is an essential survival strategy.”

An easy, cost-effective way to address climate change? Massive reforestation.

@solarpunkgnome how, exactly, is this a radical idea?
i guess i haven't been following news / politics a lot.
i didn't realise you need a giant lobby for politicians to realise that re-planting trees we've cut down will allow capturing of CO2, and stabilisation of soiks, and

Fox Shaped Hug Machine (Erika)

@meena @solarpunkgnome it seems to me that a lot of people only look at the pollution/emissions side and overlook how since the beginning on the industrial revolution we’ve lost/cut down 1 trillion trees. I find it interesting that another article I read along these lines put the number of trees required to avert climate change at about the same number. A lot of the problem isn’t just fossil fuels, but how we treat and develop and abuse the land.

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