Fox Shaped Hug Machine (Erika)

Anyone who’s callout post links to source material hosted on kiwi farms instantly loses all credibility in my eyes. I’ve had too many friends stalked and harassed by them to ever want to send any traffic to that website. Anything that links to it gets -100 points.

Also a reminder: Twitter screenshots are trivially fabricated. It doesn’t even require using photoshop, you can edit the text your web browser is showing and then take a screenshot of that instead. It doesn’t matter what the screenshot shows, you can’t trust that as proof that the original person said it.

@foxwitch Dragon approved, I literally did this to troll someone at one point, hahaha.

@foxwitch Well not the callout, but the fake screenshot.

@foxwitch Folks who still use screenshots as proof crack me up. It’s all fake news these days.

DM or Discord screenshots are a little harder, but still absolutely possible to do with dev mode.

If anyone wants to prove anything then anything short of a link or an archive should honestly be ignored.

Yes, I am aware this makes calling people out for Discord conduct almost impossible, but heck.

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