"The problem of racism, the problem of economic exploitation, and the problem of war are all tied together." -MLK

As an indigenous POC, teacher & social worker who worked with poor, homeless, & immigrant children, making enough to live with my family in an old SUV surviving on ramen and spam nightly, while US military officers live here in 5 bedroom estates, and Zuckerberg, Bezos carve our island up into empty condos to store blood-covered billions, making more homeless -- I have to agree.

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and its not just trans women, i mean remember that time the CIA or military intelligence or whatever spent like a million dollars trying to find "Dorothy" because gay people identified each other by asking if they're a friend of dorothy? we've always had our code words and secret sigils. new social network? cool, we got this, we already know like 5 people from the irc and a solid afternoon of following all the shared content from those people and you got a good social feed going

hell facebook knows if you gay just by what friends you have on that fucking hellshit site (delete your facebook btw)

I swear I ran across three threads that were just "we notice who you follow" from other people

I get that it's trendy to say "why do I have X mutuals who follow a Bad Person" but if someone else's subscriptions actually bother you that much you should talk about it, or, if it's not worth the effort, unfollow or block them

"We notice" is just propagating fear to no productive outcome

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I made this for someone specific but I thought I'd share it with the entire class.

the british government is doing another survey where they're asking about the experiences of intersex people. this ~might influence policy and is almost certainly already being manipulated by bad people. as i have close intersex friends who had nonconsensual surgery performed on them by the NHS as infants this is very important to me.

you can fill it out here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/variations-in-sex-characteristics-call-for-evidence

Lets make 2019 the year of allowing everyone to be vulnerable and we'll listen sincerely.

And not let it stop after 2019.

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So, uh, it turns out there's no medical reason at all for people who menstruate to stop taking oral contraceptives 7 days out of every 28.

Apparently the guy who invented the things thought the Pope would be more likely to approve if the pills included a "window" to match the body's "natural flow". (Hint: he still didn't approve.)



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*cue Narrator saying, "Computer science had not at that point fully healed from its purge of the feminine"

non-programmers are an important part of open source projects. non-programmer contributions are valid and useful and not second tier or otherwise less valuable.

it's easy to say programmers are the only value-add when you're fortunate enough to have enough non-programmers that you can take them for granted.

if you take away the feature requests, translations, and general chatter - many OSS projects would have never been more than flawed, narrow use case tech demos.

*Hospital gets new patient information software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some nurses and doctors instead of just other programmers"
*School gets new student assessment software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some teachers and students instead of just other programmers"
*Construction company gets new materials tracking software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some installers and estimators etc"

Just a trend I've noticed

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