TBH, I think we should just start referring to blockchain fees and gas as "tax", because I can think of no better way to induce cognitive dissonance in crypto bros.

The non-US world really should be looking at Google, Amazon and Microsoft as analogous to Nord Stream 2.

A big one-way money and autonomy pipeline, out of your country, into another one that you don't control, that has an authoritarian political culture with strong Fascist elements, with which you are not *currently* at actual war, but.... if things went sideways, it would be able to hold your entire economy and government hostage.

Yes, US cloud services are cheap. So is Nord Stream 2 gas.

Love furries on this site, anywhere else on the net they're like "This is my wolf fursona," or "I'm a gay dragon on twitter rawr ;3c" but here you're all like "We're the rats, we're the rats, yes, we're the rats,"

black mold 

Black mold causes death, decay, and rot. To live forever requires getting all the consideration and severing the ties that bind you to black mold. Bleach generally kills it, but salt can also purify.

US Politics 

Our generation deserved a better defender of civil liberties than Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This looks like useful Product Warning material that should be prominently displayed in the Licence Agreements of all cloud services.

Especially if you don't live in the USA.


Christmas is coming so with it I post my favorite meme for the occasion.

i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

advertising is someone paying someone else for the privilege to shit in your brain

colleague just told me that she wasn't affected by the whole fb thing yesterday because her phone has such a great mobile internet connection

the fuck are you talking about?

amazon-twitch, fascism, surveillance capitalism 

*amazon-twitch cultivates communities of fascists for years without doing shit about it until it started getting them bad press*

amazon-twitch: if you make your viewers give their phone numbers to amazon, we promise the hate raids will stop

(-- demon dog :white_heart:​)

US Politics 

Notice how US political types literally cannot keep track of whether they're talking about the "working class" or "the middle class" across an entire sentence.

Deus Ex 1: a dude you will talk to for 3 minutes points out how the police state benefits more politically from failure to contain disasters than their actual prevention


my phone will autocapitalize words sometimes and thats because my phone is a fucking cop

Testosterone being a controlled substance should be completely unacceptable and I am so frustrated people don’t talk about it more. As it stands, my testosterone is being withheld from me for the next 3 weeks for seemingly no reason at all, the systems saying it’s “state regulations.” If I have to go off T for that long o genuinely don’t know what I’ll do, but I fear even more for the trans people who have had their hormone producing organs removed, for whom not getting testosterone is infinitely more dangerous

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