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This is interesting and of course also applies to heterosexuality, being cis, etc etc

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"If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." describes Centrists perfectly: they believe in nothing, which is why they end up believing anything the establishment feeds them. When you have no core values, you have no moral compass, and you can't even tell who are your friends and who are your enemies, which is why they fall for the right's fearmongering time and time again.

@strnom The problem with containers is that there are three basically unrelated things smashed together. Or, as the kernel folk say, 'container is a marketing term, not a technology'

1. Containers as a potentially lighter weight and more flexible tool of abstraction. What the Linux kernel refers to as various 'namespaces' and resource management hierarchies that processes can be part of. Potentially a step down from VMs in terms of security. Potentially a step up in terms of flexibility. It's much easier to do a bind mount (and you get better performance) than running Plan 9 over virtio-vsock.
I am completely in approval of this technology.

2. Containers as a management and orchestration system. A discipline of software engineering and architecture where you craft your software to be relatively isolated, list every dependency, and interface with other bits of similarly crafted software. I think this can be pretty useful for a lot of things.

3. Containers as a distribution format where you blap together a distribution's userland with some random bits of python then run 'make install' on your software, tar the whole thing up, and send it out to the world. I am not a fan. This kind of thing can make debugging more difficult.

There are also problems where people use containers in inappropriate ways, as has sort of been pushed on us because container is a buzzword. So a lot of it has to do with people 'using containers wrong'.

HOWEVER I would like to see the #3 part of the 'container ecosystem' go away and #1 and #2 be recognized as separate but overlapping concerns.

Freedom under capitalism means freedom to die of...

- starvation
- exposure
- preventable disease
- treatable disease
- loneliness
- violence at the hands of the police

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march organizer: what do we want?
me, in the very back, quietly: the disambiguation of capital and logistics
organizer: when do we want it?
me: we’ve had the scientific means since the seventies and allende’s government implemented fascinating—
organizer: what do we want?
me: oh nevermind

Coffee Makes 3D Printing Better

While we know some 3D printer operators who need coffee, Washington State University is showing an improved PLA material that incorporates used coffee waste. Regular PLA is not known for being especially strong, though It…

Original tweet :

Reminder that the Book of James is woke as fuck

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“50 years ago, we started a program that has now fed millions of Americans, all because we put social theory into practice.”

The Black Panther Party's Free Breakfast Program: A 50-Year-Old Blueprint

I know I've mentioned this before but I'll never forget when I was a kid and I heard about "the unemployment rate" or something for the first time and I tried to get my mom to explain it to me

If these people want to help, why don't we let them? They're poor, so is there not enough stuff for them? We could let them work and they can make stuff for themselves! Or if there already is enough stuff, we could just let everyone else work a little less and then these people can work too. Or just give them the stuff, if it's there already, and they wouldn't have to work because we don't need them to. Why don't we just do that, mommy?

And I honestly don't remember a shred of her answer because I'm 90% sure it was a dodge or otherwise just unsatisfying

Turns out, I was right! Unemployment *doesn't* make sense!

when foxes curl up and bury their face into their tail

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I don't talk about this much, but I've been writing about utilities for more than a decade as a job. They privatized most big utilities promising that exactly this wouldn't happen.

This pretty much exactly mirrors every other way our country has become the worst of what they told us the USSR was like.

Californians: Remember, the reason we have to shut off your power is because we CEOs decided our bonuses were more urgent than the T&D repairs and tree trimming that could have prevented these wildfires. And the reason you can't control your own energy company is because socialism doesn't work and would result in blackouts and disasters.

My city just banned flavored vape sales citing 18 cases of lung cancer and other health effects. They also require any vape shop to post signs warning of the risks of vaping.

Good thing alcohol or cigarette shops don't need to follow these rules.

Cigarettes cause 1 in 5 deaths every year and about 7 thousand just from lung cancer yet Here they are freaking about 18 cases.
(i don't vape or smoke, i just find it bullshit)

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