I don't know who on this website needs to see this, but I have a feeling someone does.

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

@amydentata if anything, the question should be, "when did you stop crossdresing?"

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So, I just knocked over a display with my tails.

Swear to god tails. Swear to god.

journalists need to stop referring to amazon’s “global workforce of 613,000” unless they mention at some point that 50,000 of those people are software developers making $200k and the other 550,000 are warehouse and shipment workers pissing into 2-liter bottles

If you can't fall asleep, that means there are monsters nearby 👀

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Holy shit please tag those creepy Pokémon pics

When Pokemon stop looking like animated plush toys and start looking like creatures with internal organs and teeth, it gets a lot harder to ignore the existential nightmare elements of the World of Pokemon.

Of course people on Twitter love the Pikachu movie and think they look adorable instead of the horrifying uncanny valley way too detailed abominations that they are

Queer update: Incredibly believably queer today.

I see Google's buying their way deeper in to tech dominance again.

HTTP/3 will use their TCP-over-UDP protocol. Why not use SCTP, then? It has a UDP emulation layer already and it's open-source and *not* tied to Google.
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