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datasheets that look like summoning circles/magic incantations

next year can we have a Trans Day of Audibility where everyone *listens* to trans people

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I was wondering the other day what makes Afghanistan a good place to grow poppies. It turns out the hydroelectric projects US companies built there in an effort to win them away from the USSR and China pushed a lot of salt into the soil by raising the water table. So, poppies were one crop that could tolerate the newly saline soil.

fun fact about cryptocurrencies: most have a "main" network and a "test" network, main being the thing people treat with value, test being pretty much identical except the currency is given away more easily and everyone agrees to treat the test currencies as valueless.

no one sees any irony in all this.

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a normal person: look at these luddites burning masks

me, crawling out from under the rock where i live: luddites were not opposed to technology but to the bosses using it to inflict poverty

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china should threaten to send the poorest americans $2000 checks like that time a west virginia town got a bridge built by applying to the soviet union's foreign aid fund

Capitalism rewards innovation (sometimes), but consistently punishes robustness.

Capitalism tends towards tiny margins. Systems will be stretched to the absolute limits daily and are completely incapable of coping with anything beyond that.

Robustness include redundancy and spare capacity. No robust system can compete in the 21st century free for all of unregulated capitalism.

Meanwhile, neoliberalism demands that every system essential for human life be removed from governments and given over to capitalism. We call this democracy, but it seems more like a Divine Right of Oligarchs.

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