I am made of love, and it's stronger than you.

Vaporwave, but vaguely Animal Crossing 😊 I thin that would be amazing 😊

the exhaustion of pulling the cocoon apart around oneself is real. never forget though that it leads to wind and air and sky and wings 🦋🌈☀️

@kelbesque talk to your doctor about kicking out the jams

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The makers of the Chromatone keyboard are offering their product for free (plus international shipping) for a limited time chromatone.jp/online-shop/en.h

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Someone on here bought a mechanical keyboard with the keys in the colours of the trans pride flag. Of course this is now impossible to find, please boost this into the fediverse so that that person can share it again :trans_heart:

I couldn't find ribbon laces in the colour I wanted (soft lilac) so I went and made them myself

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Being a non-US, I had no idea it was so concentrated. :o

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African American Population in the United States, as percentages

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