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Your privacy is *very* important to us.

Not quite as important as us having all your data. But pretty important. On a scale of one to ten, your privacy ranks a solid four.

You can rest assured that - after we've scanned and processed and extracted every last bit of commercial advantage out of your data - the bitter, tarry residue left gumming up the cogs of our machine will be treated in full compliance with the best privacy legislation laundered money can buy.

And that's a promise.

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Yes the letter from Birmingham Jail is good, and so is the I Have a Dream speech, but something tragically overlooked is the Poor People's Campaign. Its no surprise that whenever the language began to shift from that of racial divides, to that of class and economic divides that so many black and indigenous activists wind up being killed almost immediately afterwards. The same thing happened to Fred Hampton with his idea for a rainbow coalition and building unity across racial divides

Progress is, by its very definition, the annihilation of traditions and the invention of new ideas. The radicals of yesterday should always be the conservatives of today, until they too are overthrown by the radicals of tomorrow; otherwise, no true progress is being made. Make no mistake that anyone who entertains Conservatism as a political ideology instead of admitting to its true nature as gatekeeping the future is an enemy of progress, regardless of their reasons or excuses.

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If you need proof that welfare works and charities don't, look no further than the fact that neoliberalism cherishes one and seeks to destroy the other. I.e. one represents a threat to the domination of the 1% and the other is a coveted tax write-off.

Bills like these exist so that when the church counseling, conversion therapy, and 'discipline' (beatings, food deprivation, restricting movement, etc) fail to make their child the reflection of themselves their parents desire, they can opine with a clean conscience as the casket is lowered into the ground: "What a tragedy it was, that little Johnny lost his battle with mental illness!" and receive an outpouring of sympathy now that their problem child is finally gone - "if my child can't be normal, he can at least be with Jesus!" That is ultimately what this is about.

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boost if you think the girl on the left is just as beautiful as the girl on the right :blobcat:

It's Martin Luther King day, adjusted to the next monday so federal employees get more three-day weekends.

Read you a Letter From Birmingham Jail:

A guy I respect said everyone should read it three times: first just to read it, second to appreciate/study it as a masterpiece of composition & rhetoric, and thirdly and most importantly to /deeply/ consider the message as it applies to you, today, right now, in real life. If you're white and american, that letter is addressed to *you*.

hi! if anybody knows someone in the seattle area who's queer and does taxes (especially small business taxes) professionally I would love to pay them! feel free to DM me a contact :)

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"Follow the money" is a remarkably consistent in finding the societal warlocks

It's not always easy to do, since obfuscation is prevalent, but my oh my, is it effective

Infuriating landlords and bosses by telling them to "find efficiencies" or "be more responsible with their money" whenever they're too incompetent to make a profit while complying with what few laws exist to protect tenants and workers,,,

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