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I have a simple flowchart to understand American politics and government. it is entirely linear, so it should be easy to understand

there exists a social problem
it gets ignored by anyone with power
it gets worse
someone figures out how to make money from making the problem worse
a brain genius figures out a way to fuck the numbers so that it looks like the problem isn't as bad as it is. this is adopted as the official measure. people still lie and say that this number is better than it is.
someone in power passes a law that makes the entrepreneur above even more filthy rich
people's lives are miserable and many of them die due to this completely fucking preventable problem
news breaks that this is somehow even fucking worse than anyone thought
loop back to step 1

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Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. ~ Audre Lorde

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the student debt crisis hits harder when you realize it is a vindictive punishment leveraged by the ruling class against the lower classes for thinking they could move upward

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real straightforward argument, y'all: it is absurd to charge full rent during a society-spanning pandemic that leaves your tenants out of work, particularly if you're also suspending maintenance and cleaning for the duration; that is part of the service contract with your renters and if you can't fulfill your end, they deserve a discount at the least, if not a full suspension until the end of the crisis.

governments have provisions for rent freeze compensation for this EXACT situation.


When they call you an "essential worker" but force you to choose between risking your life and losing your housing, they mean they see your work as essential but your life as inessential.

Support striking #Amazon, #Instacart, and #WholeFoods workers.


So in typical American fashion, hospitals are FIRING DOCTORS AND NURSES who talk about how they are not getting the equipment they need. LIKE IT'S NOT A GOT DAMN PANDEMIC GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

It's like the want people to die. This is so absurd.

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someone called the cops on my family for "being in violation of the shelter in place orders" 🙃 i had to explain to two very pissed off, gloved, masked cops that we weren't having a party, we live in a generational home and we're just loud people

so that's my day. fuck cops and fuck white people.

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