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Might I draw your attention to this excellent Queer Villain Pride Flag art? by @distressedegg

From the explanatory notes:
"An activism thing, except for when it isn't.
"A freaky sex thing, except for when it isn't.
"An avenue for personal self-actualization through identity experimentation, except for when it isn't.
"A manifestation of the slogan "be gay, do crimes".
"A coalition of people who grew up seeing queer-coded villains in media and were like "fuck it, big mood".
"A hopeless but fun attempt at community-building through campy theatricality in our nightmarish modern times.
"Bwa ha ha ha ha ha, etc."

This is such a #mood for me I don't even know how to handle it except by screaming "TAKE MY MONEY YOU MONSTER!" and running away to crouch by the mailbox.

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if you would like to help me continue to wade through this particular surgical swamp and maybe also get to med school and change it, donations are deeply appreciated:

Stop policing POC on how to react to things.

Stop policing POC on how to defend themselves.

Stop policing POC.


Just between you and me, fam

You don't have to be white in order to have that white mentality and be on that white bullshit

just a little tip

because I've seen this from non-white & white passing folks....

white supremacy loves us PoC fighting among each other

don't forget.

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quit worrying about if AI is going to be creating new consciousness

start worrying about AI learning how to enforce things like redlining and the glass ceiling

worry about it because *it's happening now*.

something something a ménage-à-trois of twinks is called a sub sandwich something

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🚫 trans means you're a girl
🚫 trans means you are on hormones
🚫 trans means you are either a boy or a girl

✅ trans means you don't identify with the gender you were assigned at birth

The Science Behind Why Introverts Struggle To Put Their Thoughts Into Words

Noting: spoken words

"If all else fails, and words escape you, don’t feel embarrassed — your brain is doing what comes naturally to it, and that is to pause and reflect. If you’re being quiet, you’re in good company with other deep-thinking introverts; as the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking once noted, “Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

It's amazing to me how many hours are wasted by companies trying to find clever ways to protect sensitive data or resources that they don't actually need to have in the first place

Every single security person should have a habit of pushing for people to consider the simplest security control: stop doing the risky thing

If there's good reason to reject that option, fine: we can mitigate the risk. But *make people defend the choice*

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