i ordered a cute sylveon plush and it'll be here in a few days hopefully.....

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@kyzh it's a 2hr train ride, but I've dealt with worse when I lived in the US so I should be fine.

@kyzh Brighton is a bit far, but I can maybe make it work?

Hi friends, the job hunt is still difficult

I'm looking for work somewhere in/around London.

I have an AA in Digital Gaming & media and experience in product certification testing.

I also have full rights to work in the UK

CV: riley.moe/cv.pdf

In the mean time, donations are really helpful as I continue my job hunt.

Monzo (debit only): pay.riley.moe

PayPal: paypal.me/ganbariley

Boosts much appreciated

hot new smash ultimate dlc5 leak from a reliable source at nintendo

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