one of my static members may have convinced me to & paid for me to fantasia to lalafell in xiv

(ec, ffxiv screenshot)

@embr feature requset: clicking on the goose should play the "honk" sound from untitled goose game

here's my new phone (and controller too)

got them both with my tax return

animal crossing 

help im being owned by a children's video game

Hey friends! I'm opening up graphic design commissions!

I can do
- Logos (£15)
- Banners (£20)
- Stream layouts (£30)
- UI/UX mockups & elements (£15/hr depends on size/scope of the project)
email me at if interested


oh i can't remember if i posted it here but when i went to japan in november i got a bunch of symphogear merch because of course i did

hot new smash ultimate dlc5 leak from a reliable source at nintendo

photoshop/revue starlight 

i marathoned the entirety of Revue Starlight today so I made a mockup of what a character select would look like for a Revue Starlight fighting game

ArcSys please make my dreams come true........

selfies/eye contact 

took a selfie the other day & im posting it here now

feel free to boost If you like

multiple selfies, ehe contact 

it's apparently Lesbian Day of Visibility today & im lesbian so hello

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