Hi friends, the job hunt is still difficult

I'm looking for work somewhere in/around London.

I have an AA in Digital Gaming & media and experience in product certification testing.

I also have full rights to work in the UK


In the mean time, donations are really helpful as I continue my job hunt.

Monzo (debit only):


Boosts much appreciated

@fox is brighton too far for you?

Unity have quite a few jobs.
In case you are not sure what you can apply for, they also have intern jobs.

(here is a linkedin list of job

@kyzh Brighton is a bit far, but I can maybe make it work?

@fox I am not in the same line of work exactly, but I started my career in support at a "big company" in the industry and it did open a lot of doors for me later on.

Their office is bang on by the train station if that helps.

I don't have space to host people, but I can ask around if you do plan on moving in the area

@kyzh it's a 2hr train ride, but I've dealt with worse when I lived in the US so I should be fine.

@fox there are lots of studios here too.

Give me a shout if there is anything I can do (I'll see to drop something in your paypal tomorrow)

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