Hey all, I'm looking for work.
I have an AA in Digital Gaming and Media and I'm looking for something in the game dev industry
I really like UI design as well as game design and my biggest interests are user interaction & accessibility.
Link to my cv here:

Boosts very much appreciated

Side note that I live in London and I'm not willing to relocate at this time. I am however open to working remotely.

Addendum: I'm also ok with commuting to nearby places via train within reason

@fox You may wish to put this more prominently somewhere, as when I looked at the CV, I thought you were in the Seattle area, and was thinking of maybe seeing if anyone I know in that area knew anyone hiring.

Not sure anyone in Helsinki is hiring remote, I know Remedy _is_ hiring, but not remote.

@Truck I used to live in Seattle yes, but I recently moved to London

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