@embr is extremely cute what the heck

she's currently burying her head in my back & just generally being adorable

extremely cute & tiny lil red dragon

NieR Automata 2: Drakengard 4 - Dragonwife

Takes place during the non-canon joke Ending L, 2B discovers a portal to the Drakengard verse when on her 10-year fishing trip, mirroring how a joke ending of Drakengard caused NieR to happen.

Anywho, she goes there, magic stuff happens and makes a consensual, loving Pact with a Dragonwife and nothing terrible happens in this game at all, it's just sugary sweetness and magical-mechanical asskicking as they journey the land for good fishing spots

@fox I started writing that toot as a joke and was content to leave it as just the game title but then oops, I'm now accidentally way too invested in this concept now

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