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I'm proud to announce the new official mascot for!

Comrade Vulpix

@chimericalgirls just saw your username name scroll by on the donation tracker :3

oops I accidentally got @fox into Sunstone trying to explain who Stjepan Sejic is

my favourite totally cis heterosexual dude who just happened to write lesbian culture: the comic, you know, for the memes(?)

post a hot take on mastodon with a punch and then take a nap. I've never seen a more relatable tech product than this

There exists one piece of in-game evidence in favor of the widespread Internet joke that Yoshi does not pay his taxes: in Fortune Street, Yoshi is the only one out of 26 characters that requests to be exempt from paying taxes when the player builds a new tax office.

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hello i am making a Post from my wife's old macbook that she gave me

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