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Hey friends! I'm opening up graphic design commissions!

I can do
- Logos (£15)
- Banners (£20)
- Stream layouts (£30)
- UI/UX mockups & elements (£15/hr depends on size/scope of the project)
email me at if interested


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I'm proud to announce the new official mascot for!

Comrade Vulpix

man i wish there were more fediverse apps with multiple account support

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GREETINGS MORTALS! My debut is TONIGHT! Don't miss it!

It starts at 9pm BST / 4PM ET

Don't miss it!

I also might set up a fediverse account depending on how things go!

hey! i haven't done a Post here in a really long time!

i guess now would be a good time to talk about the project i'm working on!!!

I'm working on becoming a VTuber! I have my model commissioned and am currently just waiting on getting a better PC! I'll keep y'all posted on my debut and you can find updates on my birdsite account that I set up for her:

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