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I'm proud to announce the new official mascot for!

Comrade Vulpix

my favourite kind of girl is the kind of girl that can kick my ass

i just finished watching The Room with my wife and it was An Experience :wiseau:

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We're gonna get snacks and watch The Room, who wants to join

follow friday even though it's 1am on Saturday Show more

Does anyone know where can find lactase pills in the UK?

The ones she brought from the US seem to be gone :x

what's a girl gotta do to find another girl to cuddle with around here

hardware πŸ€”

software πŸ€”

tupperware πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Financially Struggling, Asking for Help Show more

me: "oh hey <friend> is online, i should say hi"
my brain: "hey what's up how are you"
me: "sup you gay bihct

reminder that is the best instance because we have both :skyrimformastodon: :wiseau:

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