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Hey friends! I'm opening up graphic design commissions!

I can do
- Logos (£15)
- Banners (£20)
- Stream layouts (£30)
- UI/UX mockups & elements (£15/hr depends on size/scope of the project)
email me at if interested


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I'm proud to announce the new official mascot for!

Comrade Vulpix

wonder if it would be possible to make a bot that uploads my vods from twitch to youtube and then publishes them a week after the stream

mainly because i keep forgetting to upload vods myself because lmao adhd

Oh yeah so i did a group watch of all the Madoka movies on Saturday to celebrate Walpurgisnacht and that was a fun time

I still don't know if I can watch Rebellion sober tho lol

@embr someone just sent this in the ffxiv channel on my vtuber discord and it needs to be shared


fucked up that it's 4/20 and im not blazed out of my mind

i feel like im going insane, why can't i remember the name of the sauce we used when cooking literally everything when i lived in the UK

pls help @embr @erincandescent

2am u know what that means

time for ice cream

one of my static members may have convinced me to & paid for me to fantasia to lalafell in xiv

(ec, ffxiv screenshot)

@embr I am pretty dang sure it's your birthday today because I remember it being near my dad's birthday so happy birthday!

every time i load into Garlemald in ffxiv i think to myself "wow this place looks like what depression feels like"

this is such a good pfp i love this image so much

@embr feature requset: clicking on the goose should play the "honk" sound from untitled goose game

here's my new phone (and controller too)

got them both with my tax return

anyway if you're reading this then you're gay

also remembered that fediverse exists again

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