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Hnnng someone has a tattoo. Of a Bible verse... IN THE DISNEY FONT

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few people know this, but Pearl Jam invented t-posing to assert dominance, previously thought to have been discovered by Jesus

and TEDx is just "hey I uh had a weird shit the other day, lemme talk about it for ten minutes"

burn a flag if ya can today, fuck america

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Ok, normally I hate people who listen to music on a speaker on the bus, but there's a black guy grooving to some reggae on a good speaker, and it's pretty great

my neck
my back
my pussy
and my crack
long ago, the four nations lived in harmony

Hey so, I'm putting together a transmasc resource site (to include compilation of folks' self-reported experiences with transitioning, legal info stuff by state, a community/media side of things, and eventually hopefully community submissions).

I'm really interested in transmasc folks sharing what sorts of info they'd like to have covered, whether that's personal experiences they want represented or questions they'd like answered.

Pls send me yr thoughts, and boost this if yr comfy with it.

hey guys its my birthday can

[ ] i
[ ] get
[ ] some
[ ] boosts

@forivall that house is definitely way outside of the catchment area for my high school

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