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broke: learning Spanish to talk to people
woke: learning Japanese for the anime
bespoke: learning Sanskrit for passwords

friendship is magic

magic is just insufficiently understood technology

technology is knowledge

knowledge is power

power is energy over time

energy is mass

therefore, enough friendship concentrated in a single location can develop a substantial gravitational field and may eventually collapse into a black hole

@SuddenlyLucy henlo!!! welcom to zombocom you can do anything at zombocom anything at all the only limit is yourself welcom to zombocom

When you get
Thicc fat thighs
And you're girl
Mom surprise


I made my pre-commit hook talk like catbug (of bravest warriors)

idk, this is a selfie. if you're at $event, say hi! I don't bite. [eye contact]

happy international lesbian day!!!! :heart_lesbian_sappho: :heart_trans:​ :heart_nonbinary:​ :heart_bi:​

Evangelical Churches steal more money than they actually use for evangelizing.
I gotta start a church.

Different shitpost, making fun of bullshit christianity Show more

Different shitpost, making fun of bullshit christianity Show more

Shitpost, christianity Show more

Look at this asshole. This dweeb. This awful folfsky.


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Tfw you want to be mad at capitalism but the advert has a picture of lizzo.

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