just remembering the time someone spelled my name "AMLY"
because a co-worker's accent sounds like he's saying that

Fuck. This. Shit.
If you see one of these please just fucking kill it with a baseball bat.

Hi hello I'm that lesbian who wears her dad's old sweater and kills it :sparkles_dusk:
[boosts ok]

It is a FUNDAMENTAL mistake to take cis, hetero society's assertions about gender at face value: the gender binary is propaganda, which *serves* gender violence *by distracting* from the beliefs that actually drive gender violence.

Gender violence is regulatory. When colonialist gender ideology asserts the exclusive existence of the genders 'men' and 'women,' it does so with the full intent of denying manhood and womanhood to colonialized bodies, in order to dehumanize Black & indigenous people

free πŸ‘ doughnuts πŸ‘ for πŸ‘ regular πŸ‘ women πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ cis πŸ‘ women

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I made up these LGBT identity words show what it would be like if the words were built only from native Germanic English roots, instead of from Latin or Greek loan-words: (1717 characters, very long) Show more

"No Thank You Mr. Pecker" was also the title of my Medium article about SRS

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