Hi. I found great acceptance on Trans Twitter. I am hoping to find love and support on the Trans fediverse, too!

We as a society don't use "men's" enough as a qualifier, especially in the realms of business and sports. "So-and-so is the top male basketball player," "Apple is the richest male-run company," "Roosevelt was the longest-serving male president," etc. Sure hits differently, doesn't it?

Caption: a VGA/D-SUB outie to outie connector, with the label "MINI GENDER CHANGER"

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I've heard so much about how terrible it is that brands whisked away their pride month logos, this is a great example of what they should be doing instead. :)

*sweat pooling in my cleavage* so what's this I hear about hot girl summer?

need feature phone for the partially-abled 

I need to find a cell phone that:
πŸ‘“ Has large text so it can be read by the visually impaired (something like 20/400 vision).
🀳 Does NOT have tiny buttons on the side, or has some way to disable those buttons. (It can't have buttons that are too hard to see or that can accidentally be squeezed by hands that have lost their grip sensitivity.)
🌐 Can work with the AT&T cellular network (sim card).
πŸ”° For heaven's sake, is simple enough to just call people with. It doesn't need to have KaiOS apps or the like. Just calls and voice mail.

Feel free to boost, and thank you for your help.

So, Star Trek Voyager. Lt Barclay's holo-addiction. The Doctor is an emergency medical hologram.

Maybe, y'know, they should meet each other sometime. I mean, the Doctor could have the ultimate prescription for Barclays holo-addiction:

His holo-DICK

Why do they call it period cramps and not "dark side of the moon time"

Are baristas the bartenders of the morning, or are bartenders the baristas of the night?

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