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i suppose i could host the crossposter on and then never touch it after setting it up, that would ensure a new oauth key would have to be created if the old ones aren't disappearing correctly

trans flag rena minami is a good profile pic imo

her color scheme already matches

like when it sets it up the crossposter website hangs and gets a 400 error and then the oauth key in masto that was previously revoked shows up as authorized for the original auth date (which im trying to replace)

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im trying to set up twitter-masto crossposting but apparently the oauth tokens aren't automatically removing themselves when i revoke them so it's getting token errors on the masto end

anyway i love that the crack installer is literally going to take 2 hours and also has music going and everything i feel like im back in 2004

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i wonder how a graphics card below the minimum requirements will hande it if it's translated to vulkan

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time to unpack, instlal and play a totally legit version of elden ring on an operating system it wasnt designed for uwu


todays my birthday and i really wanna get an emergency fund set up so i can start paying my debts, but haven't been earning enough to get one set up

if anyone could help me with that it'd be an amazing birthday present

how do so many americans that literally lived through the collapse of the soviet union not realize that the soviet union collapsed

hello I accidentally put mobile mastos buttons on the bottom and now I can't navigate

fedi was better when the timeline showed people speaking more than just english

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