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how to play simcity 3000:

zero cops, max education

seriously it's hilarious how useless cops are. such a waste of resources that could easily go to schools, hospitals, mass transit, nuclear power plants (haven't gotten microwave or fusion yet rip), etc.

"i wanna play DOOM"

"we have DOOM at home"

the DOOM at home:

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also it's 2020 so i can't stop laughing at this guy's name.

"greg coomer" lol

filing this under "images that precede unfortunate events"

ah, time for the single greatest song in sonic mania's soundtrack, something that isn't from sonic mania

for some reason dash to dock is displaying the dock a pixel too far down and to the right in pop OS, but only when in panel mode, not using the system theme, and using the low-padding mode

it annoys me a bit, so i'm opening github and sending them a pull request lol

okay, wiped my computer, reinstalled pop os and set up full disk encryption, and confirmed steam/proton + controller support works uwu

god i need to fix the controller inputs so i can actually play games tho

steam link is actually surprisingly okay at controlling my computer it's just that gnome 3 is not particularly optimized for a 5" touchscreen

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this is like the only status ailment support i have in magireco

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