fenny, just another meguca🌙✨💖

@Gargron why are you as bad as jack dorsey I’m a white people and I still say fuck white people

@fenny I'd venture to say it's because "fuck white people" sounds pretty extremist

@yumkaax on one hand sure anything can sound extremist out of context but on the other hand I get it and really any context makes it not only innocuous but what should be the default position at this point

A lot of the problems with bird sites moderation is not taking context, so those who skirt the rules but serially harass marginalized folk stay. while the same marginalized folk are kicked out for responding to the cesspool. I don’t want to see that happen to Mastodon.

@fenny I don't want to see it happen on Mastodon either but I gather that any white person reading "fuck white people" in their fedTL wouldn't feel welcome either.

No, they're not marginalized, but would you want to make them feel marginalized if they're an "upstanding citizen" or whatever you want to call them if they're not bigoted?

I don't think this one guy should have been banned unless there's a common theme of them generally being aggressive towards white people.

@yumkaax eh, I feel the same way about white peoples complaining about “fuck white people” as I do about cis people complaining about trans people pissing. The safety of the marginalized beats the comfort of the privileged every time

@fenny I really don't care about people saying that, what I care about is people forgetting that a given instance is ONE point of entry into the whole fediverse. Yes, progress is progress and the ban shouldn't have happened in the first place, but when people take something so small, and make it Mastodon drama, then it disturbs everyone on every instance

@yumkaax one point of entry but the main fork and largest English speaking server. When people take something that sets precedent like that and call it something so small, then it disturbs everyone on every instance

@yumkaax anyway your entire profile seems to be concern trolling and nothing more, so bye

@fenny I don't understand what "the biggest" and "English speaking" server has anything to do with this. There are many other English speaking servers, and others that are sizeable as well. But if you want to be on your way, then so be it.

I found this fuck white people discourse to be wildly unnecessary and a waste of people's time.

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