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hi~ im fenny and im doing art commissions~

my prices are $10 for a quick sketch, $25 for rough lines, and $35 for finished lines per character for portraits. You can also add flat colors for +$10, a simple background scene for +$10, and shading and highlighting for +$20

i'm open to doing more complex pieces and i'll adjust prices based on scene complexity

i'm also open to NSFW work, but please let me decide whether or not i want to accept it (there's subjects that i won't draw)

how do i get a gitlab instance up on a pre-existing LAMP webserver?

how do i get a gitlab instance up on a pre-existing LAMP webserver?

i think i have decoded my musical tastes down to some basic music theory

1. 160-180 bpm
2. E-major/C#-minor
3. 4-6 bar motif which the entire rest of the song calls back to ("repetition legitimizes")
4. "nostalgic" progressions like VI->VII->i

black people can't even hold a vigil without being fired at & white fascists can just waltz right into the capitol; that's because the latter don't present a fundamental threat to capitalism or white supremacy

all I've got left for my 3D animation is texture work!! it'll still be awhile til you see the finished product, cause when I show it it'll be part of a trailer which I still have more stuff to finish for, but I'm really excited >w<

I could rant a lot about scaling services, and the scaling buzzword

The hypercapitalization of the tech industry by silicon valley means people tend to think about products as solutions to problems, instead of thinking about problems, architecting a solution, and working out the tools you need link, self-promo Show more

"When children attend schools that place a greater value on discipline and security than on knowledge and intellectual development, they are attending prep schools for prison."

- #AngelaDavis

#prison #inequality #racism #BlackLivesMatter #BLM

Elongated Muskrat(elon musk, Bolivia) Show more

Remember that extremely played-straight mlp fanfic where the adventurer pony is exploring ancient ruins and trying to decode the language of the ancient civilization

And finally she starts to put it together

"This... Is... Not... A... Place... Of... Honor..."

techhoes over techbros

(boost if ur a techhoe)

I'm amused that the Ubuntu MATE upgrade process casually informs you that the download would take almost 4 days on a 56k modem.

News you can use.

Let's talk neuroscience!! I started reading chapter two of this lovely book

I consistently find myself agreeing with Hofstadter about AI. He's the only person that I agree with on this subject. And his work constantly falls in line with what I have learned from neuroscience too

uspol - the empty promise of universal healthcare Show more

if I killed and replaced Tim Cook and just started selling brushed aluminum staplers with rounded corners called iStaplers at a 1000% markup over regular staplers I'm not sure apple fanboys would notice tbh

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