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thinking about being brought to you by the corporation for public broadcasting and the support of viewers like you. thank you.

Me: I don't like rogues.

Also me: I'm agile as fuck and love both dual wielding short swords and wearing lightweight, tight-fitting clothing.

oh right now more people have polls we need to do this again

what's your favorite GNU/Linux distro?

[ ] openbsd
[ ] alpine
[ ] osx
[ ] mac system 7
[ ] windows subsystem for linux
[ ] temple OS
[ ] freebsd
[ ] netbsd

"Be gay do crimes" and "boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's why I poop on company time" have inspired more direct action in the younger generation than all the somber old slogans combined, and it's because they're funny and memeable. It's because every gen z will see both on social media at one point in at least one form, and they'll stick in their mind

Adjust your messaging to your audience and your culture

wow trying to put the Debian testing live cd on my flash drive broke it

that’s enough for tonight I guess I’ll try tomorrow oops

im going to go back to linux any suggestions on distro and default interface?

Can we please dismantle capitalism before it tries to make a Princess Bride remake, because you know it'll happen and they probably won't even get Andre the Giant to play Fezzik so what's the damn point

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