tired: forging Apple II games that we need to archive :( :( :(

wired: spending creative energy making new Apple II games so people care more about archiving 👍

Be the second person, yes??

re: Climate collapse 

@meena @schratze

If companies are producing things because they're doing what people want, then how come everybody is depressed and anxious and suicide rates are unprecedented? How come everybody hates the lives we have?

If it was true that ecological collapse was being driven by people being greedy rapacious consumerists, people would be having fun with it. If humanity was the virus, we would be laughing manically and dancing in the forest fires as we enjoy our cellphone games. Rather everybody seems to feel the grudge of the addict towards their cellphones and to grudgingly binge netflix to try to compensate for a day of bullshit labour we wish we weren't doing.

There was a thread once on Ask Reddit about "how do people have sex at your workplace". Top comment by far was about a guy who worked planting trees; his comment had a zillion upvotes and medals and hijacked the thread, and the thread wasn't about the sex, it was about "how do I get a job planting trees."

80% of Americans support switching to renewable fuels rather than fossils, and that's including Republicans, including Trump voters, _before_ the invasion. 80% support tough restrictions on carbon emissions. 73% support carbon tax. 87% support planting a trillion trees. That last one is 87% of conservative Trump voter Christian right Republicans. With Democrat voters the number is 94%.

If everyone wants to work planting trees, and everyone wants trees to be planted, how come we are all sitting in front of computers? Who is this minority, dunno, let's say, 1% of people who decide what are we paid to do all day and therefore control consumer habits :thounking:

in providing tech support I've talked to enough people who think that their ipad is running macos that it kinda bothers me and I want apple to disappear

perverts of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your genes

medical found poetry 

Ran across this list of questions used to assess if ICU patients have delirium and the more I think about them the less obvious they seem

my masto feed feels insufficiently unhinged compared to my twitter feed

engaging in dark mindfulness... rotating 20 evil cubes in my fucked-up mind and just laughing about it

neither seem to allow crossposting right now because of the broken keys

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cleared cache and attempted refusing access before allowing access to see if that flushed out the old key. it doesn't look like it has, it looks like it's still getting the hang to an error + reauthorized previously-revoked oauth key.

on mastodon.social, the same thing dredged up an oauth key from 2017 o.o

anyway im playing as deprived bc it feels appropriate for an open world game to have to find all your gear

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repacked elden ring that is, commercial has anticheat so idk if it will run or crash lol

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