activitypub compatible bulletin board.....

can you ask for big dumps and have an offline reader for activitypub content

It's not very good for Official Channels though, i guess, since there's no kind of takeover protection. But for just chatting it's fine

Well, i guess you could also use a pre-existing one but

There's a reop mode to recover from channel mods disconnecting. But other than that everyone who wants channel management writes their own shitty irc bot and it's great

Clearly I am stronger than the average irc user because i always preferred ircnet where there are no services

In the cyber future, the real problem facing society is ghost bugs

I've only ever used zabbix, and that was mostly for monitoring things i don't think it's conventionally intended to monitor, and also it was like 6 years ago. And also it feels overkill

But i don't want anything exposed to the internet... I guess i could run it on a local interface and tunnel through a vpn or ssh though to avoid that

Hmmm i wonder if it's worth it to set up a monitoring thing on a vps and if so, what. I probably wanna find out if it's dying under load at least

I can't stop thinking about 'Jesus said to them, "my wife"'

if you're at soup and you know it clap your hands

i think i should try out batman on my massive assemblage of underutilised computers

programming socks are largely optimized for a specific kind of programming (functional), whereas other outfits are good for other kinds of programming. such as maid outfits, which are for well-structured c code

GOD i forgot about the maid outfit exp bonus

I fucked up and showed up at my first bank robbery with one of those guns that shoot money

"jeff amazon is personally holding me hostage from space until i use s3"

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