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the broadening adoption of federated social media is a unique opportunity to make my own and call it Fuck and call every post Fuck and call myself Fuck

galvanised aluminium looks so cool. dont you think

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though i guess i also got a protective filter for the 50mm f/1.8 that i got but that was mostly because i bought it new and the protector wasnt much of an investment and its also dust and water and stain repellant which means i can use the lens in dirtier circumstances than i otherwise would dare to

(especially for skateboard photography as in "it's nice to know that you're less likely to break your multi-hundred-dollar optics when youre doing a cool closeup shot and suddenly a skateboard flies full speed at your camera")

(if you're thinking "why is it remarkable that a place sells filters for fisheye lenses" it's important to remember that fisheye lenses usually don't accept any kind of filter that i'm aware of! they can't really have filter threads because those would block part of the fov, and the filter would have to be shaped by a dome anyway. but this one company makes them, apparently especially for skateboard photography)

oh! i found a finnish place that sells those tadashi fisheye protectors! they don't have the nd filters by the same company but i think i'll be fine for now

european friends are pals, american friends are ntscs

engaging in highly relevant mtg theorycraft where I type sentences like “what if your opponent has Gideon of the Trials with 600+ loyalty”

also feels like a more interesting heterogeneous computing thing would be multiple incompatible architectures in one machine with a shared os

basically: feels like the problem of big.LITTLE is that in the *best* case you're using all that cpu power, and then you might actually be better off with only one kinda core

actually I wonder. it feels like the biggest issue of big.LITTLE should be that all things considered you're explicitly designing a system that needs more silicon area to do the same computation, except sometimes maybe more efficiently if you can move workloads between cores cheap enough/use heuristics to schedule jobs on the right cores

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