The inability of Royal Mail to get this right will never not amuse

One way of telling you work in card payments: your phone keyboard has decided bin is an initialism

This job advert mildly terrifies me...

I hope the self driving cars of the future don't decide that they've found pedestrians at "[object Object]" and undefined

What on earth is going on here in this Twitter advert

I didn't know it was possible for a bowl of Chili this neat, but has managed it :o

I didn't know it was possible for a bowl of Chili this neat, but has managed it :o

I feel there's some irony in this sign being made of plastic plants

The F(x)Tec Pro 1:
* Keyboard is great
* Just Works with Yubikeys, no nonsense need to manually toggle OTG mode
* Is absolutely perfect for SSHing in and prodding a media server when a service breaks itself


Today's mood: Eurostar terminal salad

(Thread idea shamelessly stolen from )

I'm distressed by the light fitting in this hotel room

"Someone must be playing around with the Guardian website in dev tools agai-WAIT ITS REAL WHAT THE FUCK"
It’s been completely cursed, abysmal day for media but once again the British prove they’re unbeatable

S&B Tasty Curry: the name tells no lies
(Yes, I did go and add more curry sauce after taking this picture)

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Ye god's this is both interesting and very terrifying

(Because the amount of unquantified analogue behaviour going on here is huge)
RT @rrika9
oh god...

The nix configuration for my home server might be getting rather unholy

lets use bank grade encryption (EDE2 Triple DES)
let's encrypt

TIL: chemical warning signs are prohibited on Eurostar

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