UK TV licensing: Big threatening letters saying PAY US MONEY OR WE WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. Actually completely toothless and will do nothing besides send you nasty letters.

German TV licensing: Overwhelmingly polite letter saying "if you don't pay us the money you owe by tomorrow we will ruin your life completely" and they will actually follow up with it (and all of this because of a minor paperwork error)

(don't worry, the paperwork error will be fixed before anyone's life is ruined)

@erincandescent the criminalization of the most banal of shit in Germany is so fucked up it's beyond words.

@meena Also how terribly worded all the info on is, it almost feels designed to trip you up

(never mind how it feels like all of the forms on there are just frontends for something which prints out a bit of paper a person in an office processes by hand, so its impossible to know what state your account is in)


@meena Germany seriously needs a Plain German Campaign (by allegory to the Plain English Campaign to make all of its' paperwork comprehensible to people

@erincandescent yeah, i love how accessible * is, both in terms of web accessibility, and in terms of understandability!

@meena and in general other organizations have followed the example and have forms in straightforward english as well

Meanwhile in Germany it sometimes feels like the people writing forms just love to use maximally complicated wording

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