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also sweden (lund and gothenburg) after that! let's hug

i still don't have tickets/hotels for most of this but aaah i'm eggsite. going to hug so many cuties!

lmao i arrived to the airport and realized i booked a flight for a completely wrong day, two weeks from now, no idea how. talked to someone, got it rebooked for 150 eur, a fair price for being a dumbass.

security flagged the left pocket of my shorts. i flip up my skirt, check what's in there, it's drugs, and they let me pass without inspecting further. i'm serious.

it's silly how much overhead airports have. it doesn't make sense to take this flight, but it's full (i got the last seat) because deutsche bahn treats their workers like crap

fun, l*fthansa's on board wifi has a free tier called "chat" for "instant messaging access only", not sure how that's restricted but this works, irc over mosh (udp) works

so far other than the speed it seems completely unrestricted, all tcp udp and icmp, but i can't ping/access,,, meanwhile, opendns ( just works. no idea.

we arrived 20 mins late, couldn't immediately leave "because the door to the airport isn't open", and there's no one in passport control. completely unstaffed. lol.

they opened the wrong door, the correct one has no passport control. amazing

anyway hello berlin, your meme airport lives up to my expectation of it being a mess

arrived at the hotel, i will now proceed to sleep for the next 7 days

i'm learning a lot about swedish bureaucracy!

"but dx you're not in sweden yet" i am surrounded by swedish people anyway?? somehow?? on the bright side they are all cute

i am now witnessing a groupchat of cute swedish girls workshopping a revision of my meme for accuracy and mentioning all sorts of obscure edge cases. what have i done.

spent the afternoon chilling around görlitzer park in berlin, took a nap while touching grass. very cute area! i love the vibes of this city.

it feels way more Alive, more belonging to real people instead of Shareholders. it doesn't mind having graffiti everywhere or smelling a bit like weed. it doesn't try to be a perfect fully sanitized place, it's not ashamed of its humanity.

taking an sbahn without paying for tickets to support the strike

told leah to watch my camera while i'm at the toilet. can't believe she did this.

there are at least two different "berliner str" in two different parts of berlin (and i went to the wrong one of course)

i've been notified that there are at least 7 berliner str in berlin

last day in berlin! get me while i'm hot,

my TODO list:
- drop backpack in hbf lockers
- shark fetch quest
- use a scooter
if i forgot to hug anyone now's the time!

one of my favorite parts of this whole thing is bringing together friends who didn't know each other before, and watch them have really nice / useful / fun conversations :3

bye berlin! you're cute. would hug again

taking a Nice Train to sweden. i should be able to sleep here, allegedly

wifi "does not work until denmark", but the access point is there, UDP port 53 to anything works, it just refuses connections on any other UDP/TCP port. really makes you think.

also dang this train looked mostly empty and chill from berlin to hamburg, but now it's full

the map says this is denmark but it doesn't seem to have finished loading

i got 5-6 hours of sleep (less than i need but way better than nothing). what kinda works is head towards window, legs towards aisle, curl up, pillow made out of shark + some clothes.

you can tell this is sweden because no one is wearing a fucking mask

i keep reading random words and going "oh hey i love that song"

lund is tiiiiny, esp coming from berlin. i did 6.9km on a scooter in a circle and already found myself somewhere that doesn't look like city anymore

all the elevators are hissing for some reason. not sure why they are upset. i used the stairs just to be safe

this reminds me of my first few months in germany in that i don't understand shit when people talk to me, except i don't even know how to say thanks so i just did a thumbs-up to the cashier


@dx Given this is sweden, "Thanks" works pretty universally :p

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