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In an e-mail from @AmexUK about e-commerce changes:
> Occasionally we may need to ask for more than one piece of information, in those cases we will need you to enter part of your Card PIN.

Cool, just teaching people to enter their PIN into random websites, no risk of phishing..

It often feels like SCA/PtSD2 has caued a complete outbreak of insanity across tne entire industry

I'm no major fan of PSD2's definition of SCA - it feels overly restrictive and prescriptive - but the amount of running around like headless chickens it has prompted is ridiculous.

A lot by banks who realise they don't have a second authentication factor for many customers

Also the way it was supposed to just go into effect & enforcement for everyone in September 2018, without any regard for the realities of making such a major change affecting millions of players

(There are so many small businesses in the world - especially hotels and similar - with ancient payment terminals or processes and the idea they were ever going to be ready by September 2018 was utter folly. Hotel owners aren't following payment industry news!)

@erincandescent I have received warnings from my bank, every now and then, that I will "soon" need to provide extra authentication when making purchases. This must have started 3 or 4 years ago, and still hasn't happened.

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