With #QUIC becoming the default in #Firefox soon, everyone's talking about the efficiency improvements, however to me the privacy tradeoffs aren't worth the gains i.e. (Wikipedia):

"QUIC includes a connection identifier which uniquely identifies the connection to the server regardless of source. This allows the connection to be re-established simply by sending a packet, which always contains this ID, as the original connection ID will still be valid even if the user's IP address changes."

@meena @MatejLach no. It's fundamental to the protocol. It's also ephemeral, short lived, and equivalent to the TCP 4-tuple

@meena @MatejLach there's probably an about:config option, but why?

The claimed connection ID issue is just spurious. Each connection you make gets a new ID; it just makes behaviour when you switch IPs (eg on mobile phones) better

@erincandescent @MatejLach

but why

my fundamental disdain for everything that comes out of Google

@meena @MatejLach the ID is there so that when you roam between WiFi and mobile your connection doesn't break

It's ephemeral (Lasts only as long as the connection, and those last only a few minutes and smart) and small


@meena @MatejLach IETF QUIC doesn't reassemble Google QUIC that much any more TBH

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