:queerdotafenby: Erin

The F(x)Tec Pro 1:
* Keyboard is great
* Just Works with Yubikeys, no nonsense need to manually toggle OTG mode
* Is absolutely perfect for SSHing in and prodding a media server when a service breaks itself


SSH on a phone is the worst, but a physical keyboard makes it bearable

@erincandescent What do you run on this? How is sailfish support, if you know?

@slowfallinward I'm still running stock ROM. Never tried sailfish and no intention to do so tbh

@erincandescent Alright, thanks anyways. I've no interest in Android but like the physical keyboard (use an N900 right now) so was curious

@erincandescent how do you like it? I cancelled my preorder after delays and now all the reviews I'm seeing are negative.

@tindall I'm actually liking it a tonne? Depends upon how much you like having a keyboard

@erincandescent I'm really glad to hear that! I might grab one second hand, or the Pro2 if they ever get around to making it

@erincandescent It also has more RAM than my latest two laptops put together. 😁

... and costs more than the two of them put together too.
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