Migrating to an incompatible new IRCd

Bad way: turn it off and on again
Better way: phase in new network, phase out old one
Galaxy brain: do that and also wipe the services DB

Every time I hear about some new Freenode related plan there's a half decent way of implementing it and a batshit crazy way of implementing it

And each time they manage to invent and go for a complete galaxy brain worst of all worlds third option

😲 Universal International Freephone Number spotted in the wild

(That's a +800 "country" code)

You know what would be cool? Tying DHCP leases to Wi-Fi associations so the DHCP server knows which leases to recycle first

I just want to know: what and why?!

There's some device(s) on our home network which keep
* acquiring new DHCPv4 leases
* without releasing their old address
* with different randomized MAC addresses

Somehow this is eating through all 200 addresses in the DHCP pool in less than 7 days

Tired: Made in the UK
Wired: Made *outside of* the UK πŸ˜‚

(wat. i'm pretty sure I wrote "11 years..." in that first post)

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FFIX nonsense Show more

Update: feel like absolute shit lads

This vaccination place is basically a cottage in the middle of the woods on the outskirts of a hospital grounds and I can think of few better places to chill for 15 minutes on a summers day

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FFXIV silliness Show more

Looking at the NRFX library for the first time: oh, this seems like a surprisingly well designed vendor BSP

A little later: wait, why are there *zero* examples? Why are all the examples using the legacy deprecated driver layer?

Working with an NRF52 for the first time and ST, the sins of your STM32Cube HAL library are forgiven because it comes with working fucking examples

Trying to print off a form and somehow the text on page 1 prints fine, but not on pages 2 through 4?

Computers were a mistake

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