Dear Lazyweb,

Does anyone have a clue why the fuck the Windows Bluetooth APIs are in the Bluetooth Control Panel applet (bthprops.cpl)?!

Like, it’s fine, a .cpl file is just a .dll file in disguise, but why on earth is it like this?

I've had like. Two or three bugs related to the character ß now.

You could say the Scharf S is mighty full of edge cases

My bank has this at €100k, Starling has this at €50k, pretty sure I’ve seen similar from Sparkasse or someone like that.

It’s become very common because the ECB deposit facility (where banks are required to stash a large fraction of current account funds) has a negative rate

Why have I never decided to hop on my bike and just go for a cycle at 10pm before?

Its summer, the weather this time of the night is perfect, and all the streets are both lit and dead quiet

It was super chill and I feel amazing


I've had better Stilton, but this is also the only Stilton I've had since moving out of the UK, so I'll take it

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Interesting train game: trying to work out which of the millions of pop songs that have liberally stolen the chord progression from Pachabel's Canon in D the buskers are planning

@fairydust_space Is it intentional that you have account registration disabled currently?

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Know what doesn't feel like the be Tube? The U-Bahn tunnels. Heavenly cool

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Gesundbrunnen at rush hour: train frequencies that feel pleasantly Tube-esque,with human frequencies that feel unpleasantly Tube-esque

(mostly they come from embedded devices. And, of course, things using USB Ethernet adapters. They just don't normally completely break networks)

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The "USB Ethernet adapters sending pause frames breaking people's networks" thing is amusing, but...

The stats on my switches show that pause frames aren't exactly rare! So I wonder how many people have weird performance issues caused by pause frame forwarding

First thing I noticed when I stepped out of a plane in London was how much "fresher" the air felt.

In London!

(Approx 30 minutes later I could feel the crap in my throat, of course)

So I immediately suspected that the difference was _probably_ humidity, but its good to have confirmation

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Hmm, I wonder why my lips are cracked _all the time_ ever since moving to Berlin...

Todo: Setup continuous humidification :blobsweats:​

German friends, how are residential house circuits usually divided up over here?

Reason being that in this house it seems that in some of the rooms, the lights and sockets share an MCB. That feels weird to me as someone from the UK - typically lights are on a separate circuit so if the lights trip you can still plug in a lamp, and if the sockets trip you can still turn on the lights.

(For similar "not plunging people into darkness requiring torches" reasons, recently wired UK houses tend to have one RCD with upstairs lights + downstairs sockets on, and a second RCD with upstairs sockets + downstairs lights on. In slightly older installations, you only have one RCD but lights are excluded from it)

It's good to know that Flughafen BER are putting their world beating experience to good use; why, today they used it to delay my flight's baggage by 80 minutes!

Wait, that's not actually a good use.

It's good to know that @berlinairport are putting their world beating experience to good use; why, today they used it to delay my flight's baggage by 80 minutes!

Wait, that's not actually a good use.

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