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Some decisions are straightforward, and we'll action them straight off (e.g. there's absolutely no need to discuss an instance swarming with nazis). Some are less so, and we'll discuss them among themselves. We occasionally post updates to @postmaster if we think our decisions (especially instance blocks) may be relevant to our users

We prefer to apply restrictions at user-level, but this depends upon circumstances. An instance which doesn't respond to harrassment by a member, or which has "pro free speech" dogwhistles in its terms of service will probably find itself blocked. One where a substantial fraction of the home timeline would be tagged by our local rules will probably find itself silcenced.

Secondly, categorization:
* Harrassment results in a hard block. No ifs, no buts.
* Hate speech in almost all circumstances earns a block.
* Violating our "social conventions" (e.g. untagged content, usage of slurs) results in being silenced

Since its perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of instance moderation, I thought it might be worthwhile to discuss how we handle remote user and instance blocks queer at queer.af:

Firstly, we mostly act reactively. We aren't out trawling through the fediverse looking for the poop; we mostly rely on either seeing it in the federated timeline or reports from users.

πŸ’œ Scotland
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omg!!! thank you @MOOMANiBE for pointing this out, now let's back it up with some TRANS INCLUSIVE LEGISLATIVE CHANGES πŸ’™

In this age of abundant, cheap, powerful Arm dev boards this thing is silly, but there's also a weird charm to it

So I have this smol Vortex86dx powered mini PC which some of you might have overheard last night I'm installing NetBSD on to have some fun with

1GHz, 586 class, 512MB RAM. In a previous life ran CentOS as a glorified MP3 player

I'm going to stuff a USB stick inside as boot device and put it in my cupboard

No really:

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John Bercow
(Speaker of the House of Commons )

Take legal action against me



Multiple criminal offences committed and continuing to be committed

No really:

Yes that's a second amount account
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Dear JK Rowling

How can the Prime Minister be able to continue to commit the criminal offences of actus reus by omissions in public office and pervert the course of justice and allow the breaching of the human rights article three to continue

Promoted tweets: weird

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The Government to include numerous MP's

Layla Moran MP Oxford Abingdon West

NHS England

The Police to include chief of police and chief Constables

Numerous NHS hospitals bodies and individuals

The NHS Foundation Trust


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easy perpetual energy machine: buy a bunch of 0Ξ© (+/-5%) resistors, select for the ones that are -5%, wire them in series, send an electrical charge through it, harvest the energy generated, become Goddess-Empress of humanity

@scarlett now to figure out how to install netbsd on a vortex86dx

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@edgarwright@twitter.com @CNN@twitter.com i visited the old bailey as a child and during a drug possession case the pc was reading about the drugs being found in a flower bed. "the defendant claimed the item had been planted by police." my mate & i nearly got thrown out for giggling.

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@TheRiotActSean@twitter.com @Karolus_V@twitter.com @NintenZ@twitter.com That's a good point.

"If you want to increase the rate of the compiler rejecting your program, I suggest Coq"

Me: "Are you saying the Coq compiler is a bit of a dick?"

RT πŸ”’: looks like they really *puts on sunglasses* hung him out to dry

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The stars have aligned for this once in a lifetime event where a momentarily *gets it*, don't worry normal service will be resumed shortly...

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