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Me: writing rust
@nia: complaining about people rewriting things in rust

The living with @nia experience: I walked into the kitchen to find an abandoned phone and mug, containing a dry tea bag

It's sunny out, so I suddenly resent the fact that I can't wander out of my house and get a Grape Jelly Soda from a vending machine

Weird outcome of the apocalypses: strange but sudden craving for Marmite

The three kinds of people I have encountered during my unfortunately necessary cross London expedition:

* Those wearing various kinds of facemask
* Those going about their business like nothing unusual is happening
* Those inexplicably wearing surgical gloves??!!

P.S. the build quality on this is really kinda sad. The screen bezel is double sided taped to the edge tape on the screen itself which is designed to keep dust out of the screen

So removing the bezel rips it, I assume resulting in eventual failure of the screen

If I order a replacement cable, what are the chances that the display side connector is fucked?

Hey Lazyweb,

This is an eDP cable from a ThinkPad T580. I think this is a standard eDP 30 pin connector? If so, is that pin 4 (Lane1_P) which is fucked or 27 (BL_PWR)?

Everyone bought all the white rice so I'm currently just being annoyed by the cooking time of brown

We're too late in acting to produce a HK/SK/Japan type scenario and we also don't have the infrastructure to perform population scale testing

You can pull a china, but arguably there the cure is worse than the infection.

Realistically though, a lot of what we're doing is slowing things down to the point that other systems can keep up.

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πŸ‘€Monzo's Mastercard refunds up substantially over the last month. That'll be all the flights and events being cancelled, then!

(Don't try to guess absolute increases - the graph scale doesn't start at zero! But it's a noticeable bump)

h/t @Benjojo12@twitter.com

Sure, ideally everything would support everything

In practice, if I had a v1 bridge, I'd lose no functionality I actually use... And V2 bridges are dirt cheap second hand

I can't speak to why they've decided to do this, but the Hue Bridge v1 is a shockingly low powered bit of hardware and potentially it boils down to "Were removing support for old and insecure versions of TLS from our servers"

(Unlike the V2 bridge, it's not a small Linux box)

People: I can't believe you're doing this. This is terrible. You should support it indefinitely


People: IOT devices should support a local network only mode so they can be used long term

Phillips: We're ending support for internet connected functionalities with the Hue Bridge v1 on April 20th. Local functionality will still work

Random C Tip: If you have a type with a VLA at the end

typedef struct {
bar_t bar;
baz_t baz[];
} foo_t;

you can allocate space for an instance with capacity N using `malloc(offsetof(foo_t, baz[N]))`

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