Some runaway process at some point placed 100 copies of the music from the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trailer in various directories in my music library

I have no idea how. Or why. Or why this in particular.

Addendum: Apparently the "Windows 10 Creators Update" removed this feature because it had a security vulnerabiliy, which is sad, but I guess Japan had probably moved on from LZH by then.

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My favorite weird Windows feature is that by installing the Japanese language pack, Windows Explorer gains the ability to open .lha/.lzh archives

I'm sure there's a logical reason why my media library contains a single episode of 24 (the finale of season 7), but I have no idea what it is

Honestly is there any combination of descriptors you can use which makes an API less appetising?

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Ways you know the API you're reading up on is Deeply Enterprise:
* SOAP based
* Using WS-Security
* Accessed using an IPSec VPN

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This occasionally involves not backflipping, which is upsetting because that's a DPS loss

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FFXIV status: Learning how to backflipmage

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Does anyone have a preferred Android SMS app? The default one appears to format numbers based upon the country code of your first SIM card and this results in silly behaviour like an SMS from my UK to DE number showing up in UK domestic format

re: DE Bureaucracy 

A little more specificity:
* They do CV on the client to pull the details out of your passport. Whatever CV system the Android app uses struggles heavily with the holograms in UK passports (At least those with the the pre-Brexit design).
* It seems to get confused by the passport not containing an address (I'm pretty sure only DE and JP put addresses in passports!)
* There's a language selector and it ignores it, which is even more annoying than not having one to begin with

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DE Bureaucracy 

Postident, which practically has a monopoly on doing IDV for all sorts of things here, have an Android app that's basically just broken if you're not German.

So like if you want a mobile phone or to have things delivered to a Packstation or a bank account from most providers, you need to get yourself an iDevice (or borrow one from a friend with one), which is kind of amazing

It occurs to me that we should probably figure out a contingency for if the taliban seize control of .AF and decide they're not a fan of us :blobcatsurprised:

SELECT "statuses".* FROM "statuses" WHERE "statuses"."deleted_at" IS NULL AND "statuses"."reblog_of_id" IN ($1, $2, $3, ..., $998, $999, $1000) ORDER BY "statuses"."id" DESC

That... sure is an SQL query.

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Maybe the real treasure was the dragons guarding it all along the way.

Also, as a consequence of the upgrade we have the "non-advanced" web UI available now if you prefer it

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Thanks to thsose who wrote the nixos module for mastodon, that made life so much easier

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