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(you too can purchase a Teapotahedron from the manufacturer, who renamed the model "Utah Teapot" in 2017 upon learning of its fame:

I can confirm that it makes good tea :-)

Still. Were they disappointed they didn't have to get the complaint forms out of the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying β€˜Beware of the Leopard."?

Let it be known that the British will never miss an opportunity to complain about something!

"116 people wrote to the corporation over the weekend to complain that it was making it too easy to complain about its coverage."

Did they go to complain about something else and find the form too easy?

Dear people who design monitor stands:

Please put a detent when my monitor is horizontal, kthx

(i'm fairly sure that a Glasgow will eventually cover pretty much every need I will or could ever want, but that'll take a while)

Dear Lazyweb,

Whats your favorite, not otrageously priced JTAG/SWD/etc debug probe (that's not a Glasgow)?

Need: Support for pretty much the entire range of ARM cores
Preferable: Support for other architectures
Preferable: FPGA support

(the fastest machine in this house is very probably the 16 core Honeycomb LX2, so may as well use it...)

I'm currently in the process of building an i386 cross compiler which runs on aarch64 and i think my life may have taken an odd turn

(no, I have no idea why a previous owner decided to paint it pink. They did a surprisingly thorough job, though: they re-applied the port labels?)

In any case, after many hours of bashing head against wall, I have a functioning new old small computer (Soekris net5501)

My brain is full of horrendous facts like "Cylinder/Head/Sector addressing is a thing and the BIOS and ATA assign different numbers of bits to each of those fields so for disks >1GB in size things go utterly wonky" and one would hope that you could safely forget such data but...

Its 2021 and I just had to fix boot issues caused by BIOS/ATA CHS addressing translation. You know, an issue from back when we were first moving to >1GB HDDs.

(Admittedly this is on 15 year old hardware, but still)

For the purposes of being a little bit of a member of the European Union of Asterisks, Northern Ireland appears to have been assigned private use country code XI for what its worth

"Please select your country or Northern Ireland"

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