I feel like "transport and green infrastructure" is just scraping the tip of the iceberg here...
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The UK is settling into a position where there’s a big consensus that we need to spend way more on transport and green infrastructure, but just not [insert specific project here].

Which is fine, if we accept it results in zero new infrastructure projects.

"I don't speak Italian, I just speak pasta" - me, 2020

"Someone must be playing around with the Guardian website in dev tools agai-WAIT ITS REAL WHAT THE FUCK"
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It’s been completely cursed, abysmal day for media but once again the British prove they’re unbeatable

Hopefully nobody on the other side is using Swift

Then again, that would probably break with everyone else because I bet all the Java implementations of our end use UTF16 units

The other side of this protocol conversation has clearly truncated a string to fit 50 characters, but they use Java and we use Go, so on our end that's 51 bytes because they used a curly quote.

We'll change our end to permit 50 scalar values, and sigh at arbitrary limits

Infuriating corner cases: a spec says a JSON string should not be longer than 50 characters.

Define character

So the ECB post their reference currency conversion rates on their website, in XML: ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/

I'm slightly confused as to why the schema is gesmes:Envelope>Cube>Cube>Cube

🤔 I'm on my second Met/Circle/H&C line train in a week where the signalling disturby has gotten confused, forgotten where the platform is, stopped in the wrong place, and refused to open the doors

"I skimmed documentation of Python after people told me it was fundamentally similar to Lisp. My conclusion is that that is not so. `read', `eval', and `print' are all missing in Python. "

... and people think rms is smart?

S&B Tasty Curry: the name tells no lies
(Yes, I did go and add more curry sauce after taking this picture)

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best thing i've ever heard about labels: "as any cat will tell you, putting yourself in a box is completely different from someone else putting you in a box"

Triple DES is holding up better than SHA-1, maybe this bank grade encryption thing actually has a point 🤔


Ye god's this is both interesting and very terrifying

(Because the amount of unquantified analogue behaviour going on here is huge)
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oh god...

Hey lazyweb,

Is there any way to get macOS to stop clinging to my QC35s, streaming audio (albeit silence) even when the lid is closed?

I'm getting really tired of manually disconnecting them all the time

yes, my server's nixos configuration depends upon three builds of alpine and minorly repacks the initramfs for them, why do you ask

The nix configuration for my home server might be getting rather unholy

The nicest standard protocol is TFTP

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