(No, unfortunately you can't buy one and probably won't ever see one unless you work for ARM, Linaro, Google or a handful of other companies. An important milestone nontheless)

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Holy shit, while I wasn't looking ARM shipped a dev board with a CPU based upon their Morello architecture. I hope it catches on - a true capability architecture would be the biggest improvement in hardware-enforced security since memory protection


Idea: Network vulnerability scanner dashboard where machines get one FFXIV vuln debuff stack for each unpatched CVE

πŸ€” are there any machines which have a Thunderbolt controller and a UEFI CSM, and even when doing a CSM boot preconfigure any devices connected over Thunderbolt?

Just having cursed thoughts like "could you use a UART card plugged in over Thunderbolt from DOS?"

I guess this means I have a SAS HBA now. Maybe I should buy an adapter so I can connect up an old school zip drive as well or something

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Do you ever wake up one morning and go "hmm, I want a tape drive?"

No, just me? Well, guess I know what I'm playing with later this week

MusicBrainz is a fantastic repository of musical information which mostly serves to highlight how every bit of the music industry is just making up new random shit as they go along and there are no rules here

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I recently started contributing to MusicBrainz and now I have new existential questions like "Does the vinyl release of this single [with a B side] go in the same release group as the single track digital release, or should it be separate?"

UK TV licensing: Big threatening letters saying PAY US MONEY OR WE WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. Actually completely toothless and will do nothing besides send you nasty letters.

German TV licensing: Overwhelmingly polite letter saying "if you don't pay us the money you owe by tomorrow we will ruin your life completely" and they will actually follow up with it (and all of this because of a minor paperwork error)

(don't worry, the paperwork error will be fixed before anyone's life is ruined)

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tired: switchmode power supply (black plastic box that outputs 5 volts)
wired: witchmode power supply (strange crystal that outputs 5 kilothaums)

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I feel that the Duolingo peeps have accidentally wandered into a district full of expensive restraunts

FFXIV (general) 

We're 3/3 on the extreme trials/raids i've played having a mechanic happen at 2:10s that messes up my everyone's buff timings

yoship pls

Instead of "Happy new year" all of my friends say "hack the planet" and I think that's beautiful

(I got the female, edgy Moderna Spikevax vaccine as my booster dose)

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The sign at Impfenzentrum Tegel with Modena in pink and Biontech in blue would be the perfect "the two genders shitpost" if I'd had time to get a photograph of it >β€’<

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