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Persona 5 Strikers is an elaborate cooking RPG where you travel around Japan, collecting local recipes and expanding your repertoire

there's also a dynasty warriors minigame you play to make money for ingredients

i'm waiting for the game where there's a secret plot to protect zelda by having link disguise himself as her, but then he ends up not being able to defend himself in heels or whatever so he gets kidnapped

zelda, who wasn't informed of this plan, is furious that they'd allow link to be put in danger for her sake without even asking her, but she has to stay in hiding so ganon doesn't realize that he doesn't actually have zelda

so she has to disguise herself as link to rescue herself

I claim no responsibility for the inaccuracies in this picture, but it made me laugh anyway

(img desc in reply)

@garfiald and then in PMQs the leader of the opposition proudly stands up to say actually everything the government is doing is good, but they should open schools ASAP because it'd be funny

living in the uk fucking rules, you learn from twitter that a minister embezzled billions of pounds from the public, stabbed several people and the front page of every newspaper is "prince cunthorpe in tizzy over forks protocol"

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@haskal I found a fluffy shork and i can't decide if it's cute or cursed or both

bad: master/slave
better: leader/follower
uwsgi: the emperor process manages vassals. running it as root is called tyrant mode.
vassal configuration is discovered by imperial monitors. you can get metrics from the imperial bureau of statistics

@siege let it all go.

That was zen, this is meow.

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I can't believe I'm emailing my doctor and asking him to give me less amphetamines

If you own a car and you do not have a MiniDisc/cassette tape/CD/iPod with FM transmitter or aux cable/USB Drive labelled β€œEmergency Eurobeat” in your glovebox, what are you even doing?

something about playing Ratchet & Clank just makes me happy. I just wanna be a furry space engineer, flying around the galaxy in a bodged together junk ship, solving problems with a wrench and/or by blowing them up

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