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I feel like I'm about to fall over at any second so that's probably a good sign I should eat

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my biggest problem with USB-C is completely unironically that USB-C Yubikeys aren't as aesthetic as USB-A ones

in CS they don't say "the network switch is having kernel problems" they say "Panic! at the cisco" and I think that's beautiful

You've heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for

I keep try to keep my house stocked with chocolate and ice cream, the most effective SSRIs (Strategic Sugar Resupply Items)

RT πŸ”’: or if you’re like me and your glasses refract too much light

(If you think this is petty, overreacting, etc.: kindly fuck off. My phone and the friends it connects me to is my primary means of managing my mental state. I am terrified of the idea of having no option for this anymore that is safe for me.)

(I tried using an Android a while ago when my iPhone got stolen; its "everything is opt-out not opt-in, your consent is an afterthought and HERE'S SOME NOISE" deteriorated my mental state over the course of a week until it drove me into a panic attack when it got me lost outside)

I hate this because now my choices are: go back to taking 30 seconds typing my passphrase into 1Password on a tiny phone keyboard daily, or use an OS that is designed to siphon off as much of my data as possible to a company I despise and can't even load a bloody CalDav calendar

Facial recognition works wonders for mass surveillance, but can't even reliably unlock your phone. Especially if you're trans, in which case it will cease to recognise you every two weeks. TouchID was perfect just the way it was, but this is why we can't have good things.

TouchID was also the mac touchbar's one redeeming feature, not that it made up for it in the least, and Apple don't seem to want to go back on that.

I guess I'm just done with Apple now then. Which is weird, because I've been an avid fan of theirs for most of my life.

Welp, I might have to go Android or just tape over the camera and use PINs, I guess. I refuse to use or in any way support facial recognition.

Really looking forward to the iPhone 10 X S Super Ultimate Final Edition featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

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