replaced Machinist gauges with a DMC style meter. at SSS (Smokin’ Scion Style) you can merge with your automata with the non-copyright-infringing ability Daemon Trigger

ffxiv suggested patch notes:

β€œThe Great Gubal Library (Hard)” has been replaced with β€œThe Fantastic Gubal Library”

traffic jams imply the existence of traffic bread

It’s really different from the other pride flags and I’m not sure I get all the symbolism but I like it

I saw the word "hooray!" and now I can only read the rest of the text in Zoidberg's voice

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TIL you can buy coffee from the Zapatista coffee cooperatives :o

I was gonna play some FFXIV on my lunch break and it sure is patch day

An hour later, the doorbell rings again. It's two kids with a delivery for... the next house down the road. I point them in their direction.

Five minutes later, it rings again. This time, it's two kids looking for the first two.

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