I have the Serial Experiments Lain opening stuck in my head

My laptop order is apparently "in process"

not "in progress" or "processing", it's "in process"

@embr Don't forget the fun fun fun that comes for the lucky kids who learn how to subvert the surveilance...

The life of lies to their parents, fueling habitual lying habits that will need to be treated later.

"Oh, who are you talking to on the headset [DEADNAME]?" Father asked me.

"Ah, just Matt from school." I said, smooth as silk, the required lie going completely unnoticed.

this is incredibly gross

nonstop surveillance and erosion of privacy is child abuse, and they'll grow into adults who have no sense of boundaries or consent

which of course is precisely why Google has a vested interest in normalising it

is this a threat

are they telling me they'll wreck my databases unless I do what they say

JRM is seemingly managing to be the one exception to the "don't give air to bigots" rule, I presume by sheer ridiculous pomposity

Jacob Rees-Mogg: familiarity breeds contempt. With the exception of some Leave voters, as awareness of Rees-Mogg has grown, virtually everyone who answered β€œdon’t know” about him before has moved their view to β€œunfavourable”


How to meet cool lesbians:

-go to the dog park, bring a dog
-mastodon, just make an account and say β€œhi I’m looking for lesbians”
-take a woodworking class
-wander into any forest and you’re sure to find one or two lesbians
-every firefighting crew has one cool lesbian on it, set something on fire, it doesn’t have to be small, could be a bank!
-hang out in hat stores

@alstein well yeah but that'd involve me being eligible for British citizenship in the first place

that used to be my goal, now I'm real iffy about relinquishing my remaining EU citizenship unless this whole mess gets thrown out already

I don't want the GRC reform to succeed to score some symbolic victory and set my pension right

I need it to as a matter of personal safety, so that I can stop outing and potentially endangering myself every time I have to show ID or travel, or having to argue with people over it

My passport isn't British. I can't change the gender marker without a GRC equivalent from the country I'm resident in; I can't even invoke that other country's gender recognition laws unless I go back

Dual citizens' British passports must match the name and gender on the other

It really ticks me off how much of discourse about gender recognition certificates is framed with the caveat of "it doesn't matter all that much, because you can just change the gender marker on your passport anyhow"

newsflash: that only works if your one nationality is British

blocking all the Brands has quickly started reducing my promoted tweets to conspiracy theorists and lovely nonprofits

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