this is incredibly gross

nonstop surveillance and erosion of privacy is child abuse, and they'll grow into adults who have no sense of boundaries or consent

which of course is precisely why Google has a vested interest in normalising it

is this a threat

are they telling me they'll wreck my databases unless I do what they say

this is totally appropriate outdoor clothing, right

this image is always relevant, but especially this week

I did one of them things

I'm disappointed I can't have both a hat and horns at the same time :(

would you like to download the Game you bought or the Full Game?

also we listed it twice in the store in case you weren't confused enough already

10 years... I can't believe it's actually real ;w;

throwback to the time the Swedish medical system was asked to see if I had ADHD and came back saying nah we're just blaming your textbook symptoms on ASD somehow

I walked by a shop with a witch hat in a window

It had to be done

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