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I was gonna play some FFXIV on my lunch break and it sure is patch day

when you're Very Christian and designing a library classification system

(this mess is inherited from Dewey, which manages to spend most of 2xx on Christianity and chuck most of the non-western world's religions into "others". UDC is slightly better about this)

I wish using Universal Decimal Classification was less frustrating

The only UDC library catalogue I can find is in Russian, and I keep running into really annoying things like...

I'm trying to catalogue a book OCLC puts in Dewey 299.94 (Regligion > Neopaganism, Wicca), but this is literally the entirety of 29 in the UDC copy I have

A: "DNS" means "Domain Name Service". If you're on the directly connected Internet, you may choose to make nameservice records available to those who have the ability to query for them and determine email routing based on what they find. Many sites have this ability, some don't.


LibraryThing has a really cute "are you a robot?" thing (only literate robots allowed)

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does anyone know what this yellow orb is? it suddenly appeared this morning

I like how ZFS writes an entire eulogy for your dead drives

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