one of my greatest victories, to this day, was taking a writing class where they endlessly dunked on “genre fiction,” writing a story in their beloved “magical realism” style, and getting a solid positive response from the professor for it

I just really cynically threw in like “yeah, their parents argue, and sad girls in snow, they’ll eat that shit up” and they 100% did

take that, you pretentious dipshits. I can do your style, but I guarantee you couldn’t do a sick-ass chuuni-dipshit tabletop if your life depended on it

“just wallow in sadness for a bit, you fuckers love that shit”

the only good thing about that class is that it introduced me to “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction,” which I really like but have never quite been able to successfully deploy


@gardevoir do you have something I could read about that?

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