common lisp implies the existence of uncommon lisps. rare lisps. legendary lisps

@embr No, it's like Common Tongue in Lord of the Rings! Don't you remember the scene with Gandalf and Frodo in Bilbo's house?

Frodo: "It's some form of lisp. I can't read it."

Frodo showed Gandalf the ring, on which the following characters glowed evilly:

(defn date? [d] (instance? java.util.Date d))

Gandalf inspected the inscription, and replied "The language is that of Mordor, which I will not utter here."

Gandalf continued, "But this is the import of what is said, close enough:

One Virtual Machine to rule them all, One Virtual Machine to find them,
One Virtual Machine to rule them all and in the garbage collection bind them.

Or, rendered into the Common Tongue,



Later, after Gandalf had left, Frodo took down the Ring, laying it flat on the palm of his hand. As he examined the tiny object closely, he began to see visions of paths leading to JVM interoperability and vast riches of Java libraries. "It can't hurt just to see," he thought to himself, slipping the ring onto his finger.

The visions abruptly shifted to that of a great glowing single red eye, which seemed to turn its attention to focus directly on him. The words "JAVA API COPYRIGHT" thundered again and again in his ears.


@embr I need to complete my lisp set for the 20% boost to braces

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