I really enjoy things like "real life traffic engineers writing cities: skylines traffic guides", both because it's always fun to find applications for your really niche skills, and because that's a real endorsement of how good the simulation is if they actually transfer

@embr I remember reading a traffic engineers opinion on Mini Metro.

@embr I don't remember his opinion exactly but the gist of it was that a) it's got almost nothing to do with designing actual subway systems (it's a much better analogue for bus systems as you can redesign the routes at will) and b) the central theme where you keep getting asked to accomodate more people with less resources until the system collapses is unfortunately accurate, even if the details are fudged to make it a fun puzzle game.

@embr Yup, though from experience with real-life driving, the drivers in Cities follow the rules and markings far too well.

To make it realistic, we need more cars forcing others out of lane, running up the hatched areas, and so on. 🤔

@Rika I like how TM:PE (traffic+AI mod) actually has a slider for "how nuts are your drivers", going from "holy city" (default) to "minor complaints" to "rush hour" to "path of evil"

@embr Just needs entering blocked junctions and this is a very good list of other driver behavior that makes me wish I could revoke licenses.

Thanks, I hate it.

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